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Autumn is here.. and for those of us in the northern hemisphere, this means cooler weather, colorful falling leaves, pumpkins and Halloween monsters. And on the Unity Asset Store, you’ll find things are equally cool, colorful, and there’s no shortage of monsters! If you’re not already familiar with the Unity Asset Store, it’s the place to find time-saving, high-quality tools, models, animated characters, music, sound effects, particle systems, script libraries and more, for your games– ready to use without any royalties or licensing headaches.

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve reached well over 2,000 packages this month, and our customer base has expanded to over 43K registered users! Top selling developers are making over $10K+ per month, and frankly things couldn’t be more exciting. Some amazing new packages have arrived this month… Here are some of our favorites!

Multiplatform Toolkit
Owlchemy Labs, creators of the smash-hit mobile game SnuggleTruck, bring their amazing multiplatform toolkit to the Asset Store! Owlchemy’s new tool makes it easy to quickly reconfigure your project for multiple platforms with just a few quick clicks. You can easily change textures, buttons, text clips, font sizes and other graphical elements to fit the various aspect ratios and performance capabilities of multiple platforms. Unity already makes cross-platform development easy enough, and if you’re armed with Owlchemy’s Multiplatform Toolkit, you’ve got everything you need to make multiplatform development a no-brainer!

An exciting new addition to the Asset Store is Freakow’s RageTools, a collection of tools to enhance the RageSpline vector art tool. The very cool extension, Rage SVG-In allows you to directly import vector artwork made with Inkscape and Adobe Illustrator™ into Unity for immediate use! RageTools also brings RageSpline group management, pivot point adjustments, canvas alignment tools, and a brilliant LOD system to control anti-aliasing and curve smoothness in runtime.

Substance abuse is rampant in the Unity developer community, as Allegorithmic’s  dynamic material integration gains more and more popularity among Unity users.  You’ll find over 600 tweakable, space-saving Allegorithmic substances on the store, as well as the powerful Bitmap2Material tool– check out the free trial version first.  The 18 Free Substances Pack is a great way to familiarize yourself with this time and space saving technology.  We’ve got a couple of very popular example products up on the store, including the Airstream Demo and Pimp Your Hooligan example projects.  Get hooked on Substances today!

uScript, Playmaker and Antares Universe
The latest contender to the visual, node-based scripting tool arena, uScript from Detox Studios is the way to create game logic without writing a single line of code.   The uScript editor integrates nicely into the Unity editor environment, for a basically seamless development experience!  Our other two popular visual scripting toolkits, Playmaker and Antares Universe, are also incredibly popular, five-star solutions.

Other noteworthy additions to the store include Dynamic Elements Effects Pack, from Kalamona, which brings over thirty top-quality RPG-style spell and magic effects to Unity.  You’ll find even more AAA environments and characters rolling in from the incredibly prolific Dexsoft, and run, don’t walk, to get the free Strumpy Shader Editor— the tool so cool we had to hunt down and hire its developer!  We’ve also added new high quality music from one of Hollywood’s biggest production music houses, APM Music!

The Unity Asset Store is always on the lookout for great new content.  We’ve even expanded our team to actively hunt down and scout out top quality assets. We offer content sellers a 70/30% rev share split (you get the 70%) and monthly payouts by PayPal, with no transaction fee, either!  Some content sellers have earned so much that they quit their day jobs to focus exclusively on the Asset Store, while some smaller sellers make enough on the side to buy videogames, motorcycles, pizza and beer. Top seller or not, nearly all of them have had a great time bringing their creations to the Unity developer community.  Got what it takes?  We’re picky, but send us your stuff!


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Because Flash is so now at the end, it is high time the Unity, WebGL support. Let’s be honest. Flash is increasingly disappearing from the Internet. Unity must therefore put more on WebGL and offer an export possibility for WebGL.

That would make if Unity, Unity will revolutionize the web.

Please! makes it!

«We offer content sellers a 70/30% rev share split (you get the 70%) and monthly payouts by PayPal, with no transaction fee, either!»

Nothing on the net about it, I found it mentioned only here : payments are now monthly instead of each quarter?

LOL, Some folks will never be satisfied no matter what’s included, exclaiming that if it just had THIS (fill in blank) I could finish my epic masterpiece of gaming goodness. Funny stuff. From what has been shown about coming 3.5 and beyond, it will certainly be well worth the wait, and as AA stated «When its ready», personally, I would rather them polish off those last few details and give us a quality product, rather then the «Guilded Turds» we get from some «other» platforms…

Jason could you please top with your dynamic fluid surfaces?
Make one yourself (isn’t that hard btw). Or hire someone to do it.

@David Well.. yeah :D But it’d be nice to include it in the standard packages so beginners would find it easily. It’s a little thing but I’d imagine a lot of people would take a while before they explored the store.
You know what? Previewing assets in editor is great of course, but it could be possible to extend that to non-graphical/sound assets also. There’d be no reason not to allow scripts to be actually previewed/used while simply denying access to the source, like what built in components do (and restrict building). The hierarchical layout of the asset store could simply be presented as a type of folder structure in the project window eg ‘Editor extensions/Animation/Easy motion 2d’. This is similar to a Feedback idea I had to put it in the components menu with submitting scripts directly from your project window.

If you guys hired the Strumpy Shader Editor guy, does that mean it might be included as an included tool in future Unitys?
I think it’d be a classy default to include even though it’s free anyway. As long as it’s not built in (which I disagree with any permanently built in non-editor stuff in Unitys nice generic editor. eg Terrain should be a removable component just like any others)

I’m taking a looking here daily waiting for 3.5

Can you tell me if the locomotion system will be also effective (performance and gabage collection) for IOS/Android use too?

Thanks =D

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