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This week at CES 2012 in Las Vegas, Unity games were playing on an exciting new platform: LG smart TVs.

Union is working with LG to bring games to their impressive 2012 line of smart TVs. These aren’t run-of-the-mill TVs—LG’s Magic Remote supports motion control for games, a built-in camera enables Kinect-like gesture control for select titles, and stereo 3D is supported right out of the box.

Frisbee Forever LG smart TV demo at CES 2012

Frisbee Forever LG smart TV demo at CES 2012

And then there’s the processing power. Madfinger’s jaw-dropping shooter Shadowgun runs at a smooth 30 frames per second at 720p. Frisbee Forever, the multi-million selling hit iOS game from Kiloo Games, (which is also available for Nokia’s N9 handset) soars on LG smart TV with motion control. Both were demoed in LG’s booth and received quite the response from CES attendees. These two great games are just the beginning: more Union games will debut on LG smart TV this spring.

As with the other platforms with which Union works—BlackBerry PlayBook, Roku, and Nokia MeeGo N9—we currently don’t have plans to support LG smart TV deployment from Unity. Instead, Unity-authored games for LG smart TV will be released through Union.

If you’re keen to learn more about Union and the work we’re doing with games for LG smart TV or want to submit a game to Union, contact us.

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Where is the game installed? Is there a hard drive in the LG Smart TV? If yes, what’s its capacity?
Or do you have to plug in an external hard drive?

@Pathlong, I think that´s because the licensed software isn’t capable of building for those devices (TV / Blackberry) and Union would do the needed adaptations to port the game if it is interesting and has commercial potential.

Why can we use our licensed unity3D software we bought from Unity to make our game running on TV and Blackberry, this time? Why we have to submit our game to Union?


Yes,I think also that Union is getting more interesting but I also think that you should mind about the blackberry since it has a lot of potential in it’s market.

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Nice, so we will have more and more plattform support through Union? I don’t mind about blackberry, but TV games are very interesting, seems like we developers have more deployent options every day.

Union just seems more and more interesting…

Brilliant !
The guys from Unity just can not stop suprising me.

And I think that the BlackBerry PlayBook has a lot of potential,more people should start developing for it.

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