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Tutorial: How to publish and make money on the Asset Store

, abril 7, 2012

Are you a 3D modeler, coder, sound designer, or texture artist? Do you have a solution of your own that other people will find useful and time-saving? While you’re hard at work on your own games, you can earn funding and street cred by sharing and selling your creations on the Asset Store. Some of our publishers make thousands of dollars a month and now earn their livelihood through the sales of their products. As an Asset Store publisher, you get a pretty good deal with Unity: a clean 70/30 split of the profits from your sales, with you receiving 70%. Take a look at the following tips to get started on your way to becoming an Asset Store success story.

The submission process

We have made the submission process faster and easier for you with the Asset Store Tools package. This package provides the framework to assist you in preparing your content for submission to the store. You must include documentation or at least a readme.txt file in your project. Document what your asset does, and include instructions for setup, installation, and how to use it. It also helps to include a scene file that demonstrates your asset at work.


Get featured

The most successful publishers on the Asset Store have put considerable effort into the packaging of their content by creating strong, well-designed key images and well-written description text. Links to additional material, such as Unity Web Player demos, and YouTube or Vimeo videos, are especially helpful in demonstrating tools or editor extensions to your audience. If you haven’t got the graphics skills to do it yourself, consider hiring a designer. Some publishers have hired graphic artists to create their key images, and have more than recouped on their investment.

Get great reviews

Generally, we have noticed a few key trends among the packages which get great reviews. Naturally, you need to find a demand and fill it with a quality asset. But that’s not all – providing updates with bug-fixes and new features, responding promptly to questions and issues brought up by your customers, and generally being as professional as possible pays back huge dividends. To become a popular and effective seller, look at your asset publishing as a business in which you nurture great products and customer service. If your package is an editor extension or scripting library, create easy-to-use, well-documented tutorials to go with them. Listen to your customers’ needs, answer them, shape the product to make them happy, and you’ll see this reflected in customer comments and star ratings.For more in-depth information, please read through the Asset Store Submission Guidelines.