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7DFPS is a competition that has been running for the past week. As part of our effort to help support game jams we hooked all participants up with some Pro Unity trials.

Head over to to check out all the entries and the super awesome keynote vid.

I’ve gone ahead and picked out a few of the great examples of Unity made projects, but I would encourage you to delve deeper into the site to find more.

HUGE congratulations to everyone who took part in this great challenge. And a round of applause for the organizers of 7dfps for doing such a fantastic job.

Flip’d – CHman

This was one of the first games to catch my eye, primarily due to the incredible progress that seemed to have been made in such a short period of time

The game uses a gravity flipping mechanic much like VVVVVV but with a stunning use of Beast lightmapping giving everything a very polished look

Numbergun – Art by Sofia Fristrom, 7 years old.
Particles by Zara Fristrom, 3 years old.
Programming by Jamie Fristrom, 42 years old.

And from one kind of awesome visuals to another, hand drawn textures.

This game caught my eye purely due to the fantastic art produced by some very talented kids.

Europa Concept – Quickfingers

As ever, Quickfingers has lived up to his alias and has produced something awesome in a very short period of time.

Maybe he should consider calling himself «Qualityfingers»?

So there is a small selection of the MANY many games produced over the last 7 days. I’d encourage anyone with some spare time this weekend to head over to the list of all games and check out what was created here. If you participated feel free to post links to the game in the comments below!

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Sean is correct, posting feature wishes on the blog in completely unrelated posts is not so cool.. Also posting them will make no difference at all when looking at our roadmap and future feature list, we don’t tend to check comments from blog posts about competitions when gauging what the community is looking for in a new feature. If you have a feature you want, please post here thanks.

Some amazing work on show here, particularly considering the tight deadline.

@Jason: Sorry, but I really do have to call you out now. Why the blazes do you insist on posting your wishlist onto EVERY blog post, and even in random forum threads? There are proper channels for such requests, like the dedicated «Wishlist» section of the Unity forums—the clue’s in the name, for crying out loud! What more of a hint do you need?

I can understand why the moderators might not want to step in, but I don’t work for Unity Technologies and therefore can say what I assume most of us here are thinking. I’d call your behaviour immature and childish if there weren’t children of three and seven years of age (and their dad) showcasing their work in this very blog post; clearly you’re not even at their level of maturity. Cut it out.

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