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As part of a larger plan, today we launch the first iteration of the Unity Developer Network. The first iteration ties all of your Unity experience online into 1 single sign on. So now when you use –

  • The Forum
  • Answers
  • Feedback site
  • Unity Store
  • The Asset Store

…you will use this single login. This means simpler login but also a unified search that searches all of these sites for you.

If you have used either of the latter two systems – the store and asset store, then you already have a developer network login. These newer systems were built on webauth, and this is what we are now asking you to assign your other Unity identities through, with the claiming process.

If you are a new user, when you visit any of the above for the first time, you will create your developer network account. Simply follow the steps to create a new account. If you are an existing user however, the claiming process will ask you to sign in to both your answers and forum accounts (if you have them) in order to claim them – assign them to a new developer network account, or assign them to the store/asset store login you already have.

Put simply, our system checks the store / asset store database for your intended email address, and if it finds it, asks you to claim your answers / forum accounts to assign to it, and if not, it makes a new Unity Developer Network account, giving you a store and asset store account immediately, and then asking you to claim forum / answers accounts if you have them.

Wishing to be a guinea pig myself – I’ve avoided using the system until it went live, so I could talk you through it with a video tutorial, it’s just how one rolls. Watch it above to see what you need to do as an existing member of the Unity community. And remember, this is just phase 1, in future phases we will add groups, achievements and other cool reasons to be a member of our community.. as if there weren’t enough already! ;)
Feel free to report any bugs you encounter via our support email support [at] and these will be passed to our web team. Thanks for your patience during this transition period everyone!

18 replies on “Introducing the Unity Developer Network”

I would like to thank you for the efforts you have put in writing this blog. I’m hoping the same high-grade website post from you in the future too. Actually your creative writing skills has encouraged me to get my own site going now. Really blogging is spreading its wings and growing quickly. Your write up is a good example.

Hi Thomas, that’s awesome! please email me at will [at] unity3d dot com and we can start chatting about how we can help you and your son get into games! :D

Hi Will,

Just wanted to let you know that the Community button on the top does not appear if you are inside the blog, only when you go to the other sections of the website like Home for example.

I used to log into Answers with my forum account – there was always a little unity button icon along with all the others, but it’s not there when I try to claim. Tried logging into Answers with my Forum info, but that doesn’t work.

Great! Much better. :)

Next step – extend it to support automatically logging in for these blog comments?

I’m pretty happy about this. The fractured nature of these sites has been a pet peeve of mine. Particulalry the answers and forums site as I usually end up bouncing between the two.
Good work!

By ‘questions’ I mean ‘answers’, sorry. Still, I cannot claim the ‘answers’ account once I claimed the forums account.
«Your login attempt was not successful, try again.»
Maybe it is because both are using the same user name and e-mail address already – since I setup it this way prior to this whole UDN-change (unreal developer network, anyone)?

Having some troubles claiming both my forum and questions account. It won’t log me in to questions since I already claimed my forum account. This whole claiming stuff is confusing.

Hi Will,

I had already gone through this process before watching this video. I got confused in the process and selected the wrong username that I wanted, who can I contact to change this?


What about our old Feedback accounts? I did not get any option to claim that one so I now 10 unused votes again?

We are! But not to UDN, we have an entire Learn area of the site coming, expect a blog post soon!

Pretty good, now add gazillions tutorials (books, videos, with sample projects) to the UDN! :D

Cool. Sounds like a good improvement, and looking forward to the groovy future features.

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