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UPDATE! Hangout #1 is complete, thanks for everyone who showed up and chatted to us, here is the recording to watch again, news on the next one coming soon.

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Hi everyone,

I’m happy to announce that we would like to start regular Unity developer Google+ hangouts. This will give you a chance to ask developers a question LIVE!


The devs answering your questions will be:

  • Corey Johnson – Field Engineer
  • Emil «AngryAnt» Johansen – Content Developer
  • Shawn White – Editor Developer
  • Will Goldstone – Content Manager
  • Aurore Dimopoulos – Community Manager

You can post your questions in the comments during the live event. The link will appear on our Google+ page when the event starts and there will be a recording of the hangout on our YouTube channel at a later time.

We realise this is short notice but we are testing the systems and ironing out the kinks before we make this a regular thing. This also means that there is potential for technical difficulties so we ask you in advance to be patient if such a thing happens.

The first hangout will be today – 6th September 2012 at 7pm BST, 2PM EDT check this link for your time zone.

6 replies on “Hang out with Unity #1”

Since you guys are looking into things like rendering the screen in a hangout or allowing people to use voice to ask questions, you could look into BigBlueButton: (which is intended for teaching, but you never know)

It’s what I’m currently using for online classes. It supports desktop sharing (it should be high quality) and voice could be enabled for non- unity employees. I’ve only had student access, so I don’t know how the voice works other than the moderator can globally mute.

There might be downsides on accessibility (for my first class a lot of people had pop-up blockers that barred them from the conference) and you might have problems with enabling multiple speakers (although sharing video from multiple people seemed to be easy). I’m not an expert, so I can only suggest it, really.

I didn’t even know this happened until now. I’m intrigued and could probably find a few questions to ask.

Don’t worry, Hangouts on Air are automatically recorded and posted to our Youtube channel. Plus, we’re hoping to make this a regular thing. ;)

Great idea! Unfortunately, I can’t join in at that time today – maybe I’ll come in later but probably it’ll be too late. But I’m looking forward to the next hangout ;-)

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