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Introducing Humble Indie Bundle 6 . . . featuring Rochard!

, septiembre 18, 2012

Humble Indie Bundle 6
Hey! It’s your resident Penguin Pushers here, and we’ve got some exciting news! Humble Indie Bundle 6 is launching today, featuring Rochard: this is the first time ever that a Humble Bundle has included a Unity game with a native Linux player. Head on over to and check out Humble Indie Bundle 6, shipping with the critically acclaimed, Unity-authored, Rochard from Recoil Games.

We’re very proud that the Linux port of Unity is finally making its debut, and we’re looking forward to seeing your great Unity content in future bundles.

Happy Playing,
Na’Tosha, Levi, & Lasse
The Penguin Pushers

8 replies on “Introducing Humble Indie Bundle 6 . . . featuring Rochard!”

Dear pushers, fighters, lovers and awesome coders.
Thanks for pushing the guy so hard. Not only hard enough to make HIB possible but hard enough to make us able to host our game servers on Linux.

Thumbs up

The game rocks by the way (though the story isn’t my style). I originally bought the game to see what Unity could do (I have it on PS3). There are some really cool game mechanics and it is super fun to play, very cool game. Bonus time for Linux.

Thanks for Linux port of Unity. Hopefully we will see more wonderful games for this wonderful platform. And Humble Bundle is always awesome.

Really cool news! :) I haven’t played it, but Rochard’s definitely a nice looking game and looks just as fun to play. Looks like I’ll have to get it and play it in Linux now :)

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