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Hola Unitees, se habla español! I’m Ricardo Arango, Developer Relations Lead at Unity Technologies and I am very excited to announce that Bogotá, Colombia is the place we have chosen for a new Unity Support office. Addressing the high demand of support in the Americas and working hard to meet the rising number of users and customers, we want to bring support engineers to the same time zone as the Americas, helping our users both in English and Spanish (Portuguese soon) in more than two dozen countries.

BogotaThe advantages Colombia brings make it a clear winner for our new office: Perfect geographical location making it super easy to reach all the countries in the continent, the highly qualified engineers available in the country, with their innate helpful attitude, and the great atmosphere of innovation in the big cities, which is backed by a long term government plan for Colombia to become one of the leading countries in the digital content industry. With this move we will be able to reach more developers and users to improve the overall quality and responsiveness of our support service.

We are currently recruiting a great team of talented and dedicated engineers, who will be in charge of attending to our customer’s needs and helping them during their development process. If you think you can be one and are interested in joining Unity, we would love to hear from you.

Want to Join our Ranks?
If you have questions about life at Unity, or about specific job opportunities, please chat with our awesome recruiting team on Skype: unity_careers.  If you would like to apply for a specific position, please click on the link to apply.

19 replies on “New office in Bogotá!”

Greetings. I am very interested in participating in the group Unity Bogota am developer and teacher in the area of video games with Unity for 2 years and I would love to know that I do to qualify.
Thank you very much.

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Great to have you guys join us over here! If there is a need for animators… Or bilingual people with Call Center experience, well, let me know! Haha. Thanks and welcome!

Thanks God, I am in Venezuela, i will need to move now to Bogota lol.

Welcome to the latin america business my friends

Congratulations, its about time that one of the big names in this industry place an office here! Will love to hear and attend any meeting that showcases recent Unity apps in Colombia and other nearby countries. Ojala sea pronto!

Congratulations on these wonderful news. Thanks for believing in Colombia, we know this will help accelerate even more the game development ecosystem.

Absolutely a great step for both Colombia gaming industry and Unity covering a strategy and talented region.

I’m really happy to have you guys here in Bogotá ! .

Welcome to Latin America!

It’s great to have Unity near by. I’m located in Sao Paulo, Brazil and hope to talk to you (in Portuguese would be awesome) sometime soon.

Excelent, I’m sure you arrive to the right place, with you and some other enterprises who believes in our country, we are going to get so far.

Thanks for believing and Welcome!

What a great announcement, this is very significant for the local industry. Thanks for the trust Unity, you guys rock.

I am very happy with this announcement! I know this will accelerate Colombia’s growing gaming industry. As Ricardo said, I’m sure you will find talent, attitude and a committed ecosystem.

Welcome to Colombia!

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