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We’re excited to announce a series of training days across the UK, running throughout the rest of the year. These workshops are a high-intensity crash course in game development using Unity, based on the hugely successful content delivered at the Unite training day in Vancouver last year, updated for 2014.

Unite13 Training Day - front corner view

During the one-day workshop, we deliver a rapid run-through of many of Unity’s core features by putting together a game from scratch using a mixture of ready-made prefabs, re-usable components, and editor scripting. We cover asset pipeline, level construction, physics, animated characters, cameras, weapons, enemy AI and particle effects. The workshops are classroom-style, so bring your own laptop, follow along as we go, and take home your own finished game at the end of the day!

We kick off during Develop conference next month in July, with a special workshop in our Brighton office and will be touring the country leaving a trail of powered-up game developers in our wake. If you’re in the UK and want a serious boost to your Unity skills, check the dates below.

The standard ticket price is €199 + VAT.
We have early-bird discounts on most dates available, but ending soon.

Some venues and dates are still to be finalised, and we will be updating the details below on this post as these are locked down. 

  • Tues 8th July, Unity Office, Brighton (During Develop conference)
  • Fri 8th Aug, Manchester (Manchester University)
  • Fri 12th Sep, Lincoln (Lincoln University, coinciding with the GameOn Festival)
  • Weds 24th Sep, London, near Earls Court (coinciding with Eurogame Expo)
  • Tue 30th Sep, Exeter (Exeter University)
  • Weds 8th Oct, Bath (location TBC)
  • Sept/Oct, Bristol (date & location TBC)
  • Tues 21st Oct, Cambridge (Provisional Date – TBC, Anglia Ruskin University)
  • Thurs 23rd  Oct, Cardiff (Cardiff University)
  • Tue 11th Nov, London, (Near ExCeL Centre, coinciding with Apps World Europe conference)
  • Weds 26th Nov, Leeds (Leeds University)
  • Thurs 27th Nov, Middlesbrough (Provisional Date – TBC, Middlesbrough University)
  • Weds 10th Dec, Portsmouth (Provisional Date – TBC, Portsmouth University)
  • Weds 17th Dec, Bournemouth (Provisional Date – TBC, Bournemouth University)

We are hoping to add dates in Scotland early next year.

Feel free to ask questions in the comments section below.

For more information about our early-bird discount prices or for booking tickets, get in touch at

Unity Training Day Editor ShotEDIT:

Due to so many people asking for more detail about what’s included in the course and the appropriate skill level, here’s a quick summary:
The training day covers a full-spectrum of Unity features, tied together into a game that everyone can build during the day. Throughout the course of the day we cover:

  • Editor overview and pro tips for getting around in Unity, including scene navigation, shortcuts and hotkeys and oft-overlooked gizmos and buttons.
  • Pipeline and Workflow, including importing models, textures, materials, sounds, animations, and pre-made Unity packages.
  • Level design in Unity, using snap-together prefabs and custom editor scripts to auto-place prefabs and speed up workflow.
  • Basic physics, including colliders, rigidbodies, constraints, detecting collisions.
  • Making a physics-based character which can run, strafe, mouse-turn, can push physics objects and how to achieve the intuitive «collide and slide» character feel.
  • Setting up cameras – scripting camera movement, and using pre-made camera packages from the new «Sample Assets»
  • Character animation – understanding animation clips, humanoid avatars, animation controllers, 1D and 2D blend trees, masked layers, and more.
  • Weapons – instantiating projectiles, particle effects, detecting damage and tracking health.
  • Enemies – AI Navigation, Random wandering, Proximity check, pursuit and firing.

And if time permits…

  • More gameplay features – level progression, score, health pickups, keys and doors.

The training day is designed to be suitable for a range of skill levels from beginner through intermediate. To fit as much as possible into the day, I’ve set the minimum requirement in terms of skill level as «beginner but not absolute beginner». So, if you’ve never even downloaded or opened Unity before it would be worthwhile downloading it, firing it up, and going through a few of our beginner level video tutorials – just to familiarise yourself with the editor and some of the basic terms. I’ll be quickly recapping most of what’s there to refresh everyone’s memory, but it will be exactly that – a quick recap.

There is coding included through the day, many people like to type along as I write out and explain the code we use. However I also cater for the code-averse by including all finished scripts in the files you get at the start of the day. So you’re free to simply copy and paste if you’d rather watch and soak in the information without worrying about getting every curly bracket in exactly the right place!

For more information about our early-bird discount prices or for booking tickets, get in touch at


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Hi Duck,

Please could you provide information on booking and reserving a place for the upcoming Bath venue please.

Location information to please.

We need payment information to please looking forward to this thanks in advance.

@DUCK : Hi, myself and a colleague have booked on the course for Manchester, but we’ve not had any details about time / location. Can you provide these please?

What about coming to India?? We are too excited using Unity for making our games. Why don’t you take a tour here :) :)

I really hate when unity advertise these things I have no chance in hell of ever experiencing.

Awesome, looking forward to seeing the Scotland dates. Glasgow would be good if possible :D

Am interested in this. When will more details be published, pricing, bookings, etc. ??
(Have sent an email also).

Will any of the the content presented be on new features being introduced in Unity 5 or is it entirely Unity 4.x based?

Do you yet have any indication what training options will there be for the new features in Unity 5?

Will anything like this ever come to Germany? Like Mannheim, Frankfurt, Stuttgardt, Darmstadt and so on….Maybe I’ll just have to fly out to my old town Cambridge.

I work part-time at the University of Lincoln, so it is nice to see you coming here. I’ve been using Unity for a few years, and am unsure if I would be depriving someone else of a place who would benefit more. Do you expect these to be oversubscribed?

Yeah, shame about the lack of a course in the Midlands. A date to tie in with Game City in Nottingham in October I’m sure would be very popular.

We need to see you come further north to Scotland. Glasgow and Dundee’s game developers are turning more frequently to Unity. There’s a lot of us up here which would happily come to this crash course, so please come through. We would really welcome it!


Cannot believe my local venue (Manchester) session is the day before my wedding. Don’t think the Mrs will be pleased.

Great stuff. It could be great if Unity used assets from the store to illustrate concepts and ideas. Too often we see art from Unity that never gets released.

The article mentions nothing about booking or price. Is it just show up and.hope for seat?

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