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The second in a series of reveal videos of the new UI tools coming soon in Unity 4.6, this time we show you a quick overview of creating 3D UI using the ‘World Space’ canvas mode.

Tim Cooper from the Editor team and Will Goldstone from the Content Team took some time out to create a Character dialog sheet for our Robot Lab astronaut character ‘Astrella’, showing you how you’ll soon be able to hook up 3D UI, Buttons, Script effects, Masking, Animation and more.

Are you excited for the new tools? What else would you like to see from us about the new UI tools? Yes! Aside from the release date! Chat to us in the Official Forum Thread –

Sound off in the comments below and share the video and link wherever you feel like! Thanks for watching, look out for more details of Unity 4.6 soon.

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Will the new gui support right to left languages correctly? At this point, I have to purchase a asset store feature to correct multi-character merging, etc. For multi-lingual releases, this is getting much more important. Currently, unity renders right to left, but it messes up quite a few of the characters (Arabic, Hindu, etc.) Some characters should be drawn differently based upon other characters, etc.

Very excited for the new features. Wished there was a creative way for you to let us know the status / task countdown of the release time, even a ‘still summer’ would be helpful so we know it will be by sept 22 at least.

Thanks for all your great work!

The cursor question is critical to me as well. Its really important for it to be able to handle a world space custom cursor as I am also working on an Oculus app and this is necessary to position it properly post oculus distortion.

@Gregory – yes we expect it to be very optimised and work well with mobile as much of it is implemented at a lower level than plug-ins. We hope to share more information soon!

Will it be mobile friendly? I noticed that it says it takes fewer draw calls, but is it as efficient as the other UI kits that are coming out of the Unity Store?

I’d like to know if this GUI system will be usable for editor extensions, as well. While it seems a bit far-fetched, in theory, it would be REALLY nice to have a simpler/more intuitive editor GUI system.

Northern Hemisphere:

Summer 2014:

June 21, 6:51 A.M. EDT – September 22, 10:29 P.M. EDT

I think I can wait. Looks good.

Beside being an annoying trigger for my impatience, you made a great video. Lot’s of nice hints. Thought, I should add this.

Don’t know if I really want the masking work that way for items in front, though.

We can figure out everything else aside from the release date. So, no. No further questions. Just give us the date. Or, even better, the thing itself.

Cmon cmon cmon cmon cmon. I can’t wait any longeeeeer. *jumps around anxiously then rocks back and forth on his chair*

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«Specifically for working in VR applications with the Rift and needing to detach the mouse from screenspace so it doesn’t follow your face around (or any circumstance using stereoscopic views). The trouble being that you need to make a fake mouse in world space to mirror the screenspace mouse. Thoughts?»

This is supported by the system. Creation of high level UI events are exposed to scripting.

At last!!!!!! why now, everybody loves ngui! the ngui that destroys you whole project if you put an image that will not fit to the atlas, ngui that if you delete something the atlas will be destroyed! ngui, that if you go to another tab while creating/loading it will destroy the whole atlas!

At last!!!!! unity UI is here!!!! :D :D :D

This is awesome!

One suggestion: It really makes little sense for something whose dimensions are in screen space to have a gizmo in world space. Why not just make it have a world space gizmo when it uses world space coordinates, and then make it have a point gizmo in the scene view when it uses screen space? I mean, what’s going to happen when screens get more and more high definition? We would get a more and more massive object in the scene which zooms out the entire view whenever we focus on it. It just doesn’t make sense.

This is so fantastic. I can’t wait to get my hands on it.
It would be cool if we could render the GUI over a mesh e.g. inside of a cylinder
and be able to draw and animate lines. Do LineRenderers work in the GUI?

Since this is being developed alongside Unity 5.0, is there a possibility that 5.0 is released without the new GUI?

Looks nice. If it’s possible, it would be great to have actual 3D elements in the UI Canvas (meshes with the ability to clip them with other UI elements).

Will any of the new GUI API available for Custom Editors/Editor Windows drawing? Alignment especially.

Looks quite similar to the workflow I am used to with NGUI but a bit cleaner. Two bits of feedback. A quick way of snapping to whole numbers would be nice. How easy it is to sort the Shuriken particle system with the UI, is it easy to sort the particle system between UI elements? This has been something of a struggle with NGUI.

Does anyone knows if you can add a mesh to this new GUI canvas?, or you can only add GUI elements to it?.

Really cool! Have you thought about what to do about mouse interactions and position in world space? Specifically for working in VR applications with the Rift and needing to detach the mouse from screenspace so it doesn’t follow your face around (or any circumstance using stereoscopic views). The trouble being that you need to make a fake mouse in world space to mirror the screenspace mouse. Thoughts?

Ahhhh Unity.. I love you. So intuitive and familiar. Like a real time Maya.
I switched to UE4 recently to get some more experience under my belt but Unity will always be my soul mate game engine.

@CIPSTIK: Any animations driven by an Animator component can have their update mode set to ‘Unscaled Time’ – this will cause animations to ignore timescale, so you can keep animating your GUI elements – or, indeed, anything else – while the game is paused.

What about setting timescale to 0 for example for pausing? The GUI use all those animations, so it will stop working?

Cool! Something I’d love to see in the next video is mobile-specific stuff. Does the new GUI work nicely with custom touch input solutions (like the one in the Sample Assets, or stuff from the Asset Store)? Can the new GUI even be used easily to create things like virtual joysticks? How does it support GUI elements that are often found in mobile games (example: gameobjects that jump/fly from the scene into the GUI)?

[…] Tim Cooper, du Team Editor, et Will Goldstone, ont pris un peu de leur temps pour réaliser cette vidéo d’une trentaine de minutes environ, nous en dévoilant un peu plus encore sur les capacités du nouveau système de GUI d’Unity. Ce système sera intégré dans la version 4.6 d’Unity3D. Au travers de la mise sur pied d’un petit système de dialogue entre personnages, on en découvre un peu plus ses possibilités, et plus particulièrement sur son intégration dans un environnement 3D. A lire sur le blog d’Unity Technologie. […]

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