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(Edit: There have been a few questions about the Pro nature of these tools. To clarify, it is not necessary to own Unity Pro to take advantage of Unity Pro for PlayStation. As a licensed PlayStation developer, this version will allow you to use Pro features and target SCE platforms at no cost. If wish to publish with Unity Pro on additional platforms outside of the PlayStation family, you will need to have a regular Unity Pro license along with any necessary platform add-on licenses to do so.)

As many of you are aware, we’ve been working closely with Sony Computer Entertainment for a long time now. In March of 2013, we entered a strategic partnership that resulted in Unity for PlayStation® tools that make it possible for Unity developers to create games for SCE’s amazing devices.

Now, we’re extending that partnership and making it even better! Not only does this mean a deeper collaboration on support for features and optimizations for all of you experienced PlayStation developers, but also that ALL licensed PlayStation developers will have access to these tools for free!

All you have to do is contact your PlayStation representative to discuss becoming an approved PlayStation developer to get the PlayStation ready versions of Unity Pro.

This is another amazing display by SCE of how much they welcome developers, no matter their size and pedigree! Some of the most exciting games are coming from smaller teams who in the past would have been hard pressed to get on so many awesome platforms.

We’ve already seen some awesome games released using the tools like Oddworld: New ‘N’ Tasty, Stick it to the Man!, and CounterSpy and there are a ton more on the way like Galak-Z, Assault Android Cactus, Night in the Woods, Shiftlings, Starwhal: Just the Tip, and BroForce. You can see a sample list of games for the PlayStation platforms by visiting our showcase gallery and searching by platform.

Now that the tools are out and it’s easier than ever to get and use the tools, we’re expecting great things from all of you!

Happy developing,


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  1. Great news for me, Because now I’m going to buy a PS.

  2. esse jogo e vidareal parece muito te

  3. It is really not so easy to become a approved playstation / xbox developer. Those who have become probably already have a lot of games on some markets and probably a publisher. So these developers don’t have to worry too much about money.
    On the other hand there are small indie studios or «one-man-shows» who don’t really have money and who are too unknown to become an approved playstation developer. They have to stick with PC and mobile AND have to pay a lot for it.

    So I think this is a step in the wrong direction.
    Unity also have to face the Unreal Engine which is
    1. cheaper
    2. open source
    3. much better (more and better features, less bugs, more updates)
    than unity.

    So Unity should think about some changes in pricing for normal people as well…

    1. Unity is free so there is no way that unreal can be cheaper, you can only see the source code if you pay for unreal, and with unity + Blender 3d it’s the same thing but better since you get a dedicated 3d engine so you can get more done If you are in a group.

    2. It’s clear you didn’t try applying or maybe you don’t have a good reason to apply. We had an event with sony and indie developers (10 man team at top) and it seems exactly the opposite of what you saying

  4. @Mickier G if you are already making a PC game and want to port it to consoles, you can do that by applying to be a registered developer for any of the console manufactures, these Unity builds do not mean you have to be exclusive to that platform, but actually Sony might ask you to be if they really like your game. ;)

  5. PSM Unity works on PS Vita retail units, and is free for everyone.

    However, devkit will help if you have more ambitious project in mind…

  6. how can freelancer develop and publish playstation games? we must own good working company… ?

  7. if someone makes a cross platform game can they get this as well, ie realse it on both pc and sony consoles, or does the game have to be sony exculsive?

  8. Is there any scope for personal usage only?

    I have a ps3 and can purchase a ps4 too. I want to run my projects on these for personal usage only.

    So is there any way I can do it?

    Maybe, when I am ready with a good project that I may consider becoming a regular developer. :)

  9. @JOHN If you don’t own Pro you get a free Pro license for Sony platforms only.

    @Jon should be on the Unity forums section of dev net.

    @Matthew we have one guy from our office maintaining a PS4 dev kit, don’t think you need a whole IT dept.

  10. So how do we go about this if we’re already a licensed developer?

  11. this doesn’t apply to 99.72% of developers. Getting a PS4 Dev kit is expensive, alot of work, and requires you to have a relatively substantial buisness with a static IP and a staff of experienced artists (look at their website’s submission criteria).

    We have the dev kits at work, it practically takes an IT department to get them up and running and maintained.

    This would only be usefull if you could suddenly use your PS4 at home, which i know is what everyone reading that post thought for a split second. read closer.

    This post probably applies to what, 100 developers out there?

  12. So where is the download file on the sce website ? can’t find any mention of it on there.

  13. Is anyone going to answer the question?

    Does this mean you have to own Unity Pro first and then there’s no add-on cost for PS3/PS4/ Vita or does it mean you can get a Unity Pro license completely for free if you’re a PlayStation developer? Please explain more clearly.

  14. Wow! Great news! Love Playstation and hope now we’ll see even more first-calss game for it – since today it is Unity that offers the best 3D graphics solutions

  15. But does this mean you have to own Unity Pro first and then there’s no add-on cost for PS3/PS4/ Vita or does it mean you can get a Unity Pro license completely for free if you’re a PlayStation developer? Please explain more clearly.

  16. Are there still publishing costs though?

  17. @Steve No, this does not include PSM.

    1. Cool Hi there, just became alert to your blog thruogh Google, and found that it is truly informative. I am going to watch out for brussels. I’ll be grateful if you continue this in future. A lot of people will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

  18. @ARAS Thanks for commenting, you’ve helped to un-confuse me :)

  19. @Electricity it’s only for registered PlayStation developers. If you are one, you can now get unity pro for PlayStation for free. If you’re asking about unity free, you probably are not a registered PlayStation developer.

  20. @Electricity: in essence this means that there’s no PS4 or PS3 or Vita or PSM platform add-on to buy for Unity. Once you have Unity Pro, you can build to any Sony platform – you still might need to become a licensed developer from Sony etc. (see the link in the text), but nothing extra to buy as far as Unity is concerned.

  21. So i don’t quite understand your post.
    Do you need to have unity pro or does it work with unity free too?
    Didn’t we need a kit to develop for the Vita or PS3? is this kit offered for free? Or just the PS3 and PS Vita plugins in unity?


  22. Aras Pranckevičius

    septiembre 17, 2014 a las 9:41 am

    @Renato, as the blog post says, «All you have to do is contact your PlayStation representative»

  23. So now PS3 version is also free? Where can I get the last version?

  24. For Playstation Mobile Developers too? :( seen no mention of us