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Unity Cloud Build keeps expanding: new features, more developers wanted!

, noviembre 6, 2014

Ever since we opened up early access to Unity’s official continuous build distribution service to Unity Pro users, we’ve been busy turning your feedback and input into the best build service ever!

Haven’t heard about Unity Cloud Build? Check out this intro on how it works or watch our presentation at Unite 2014:

As of our last update, Unity Cloud Build has some cool new features that we’re hoping will speed up your development pipeline and make your lives even easier:

Advanced Build Settings

For those of you who were excited by the “In the Labs” blog post regarding Custom Build Configurations, we now have similar features in Unity Cloud Build: the ability to automate pre- and post-processing of your project and create custom scripting defines, on a per-platform basis. This means that Unity Cloud Build can execute one set of instructions for the iOS build sequence and a different set of instructions for your Android or web builds.

Debug / Development Builds

A highly-requested feature which, in combination with our new support for .DSYM files, allows you to test and debug your game when using Unity Cloud Build.

Cloud Build Manifest

The Unity Cloud Build Manifest is injected into your game at build time and provides run-time access to key pieces of build related data. For example, this would let you display the build number on the splash screen of your game for debug purposes. And we think you’ll come up with even more cool ways to use this data!

External Xcode Framework Support

For those of you that rely on external Xcode frameworks, we recommend using the Xcode Manipulation API, which provides a cleaner way to work with those dependencies. It works great with Unity Cloud Build!

Unity 4.6 Beta

We’ve started supporting the public beta versions of Unity 4.6 in Cloud Build. And we’ll be adding Unity 5 support once it leaves beta.

Xcode 6

Our users whose projects are on this new version of Xcode can build for iOS.

And more…

  • More infrastructure and stability

  • Support for larger projects

  • Per-platform Bundle IDs for your project

  • Download links for .dSYM file (iOS)

  • Disable your email notifications

We’re adding these new features on top of what Unity Cloud Build already provides – continuous integration for your project and an easy way to distribute your mobile games to devices inside and outside your team. The resulting service is as powerful as it is painless, in our opinion.

And our beta users seem to agree!

“This is so exciting…I could get back to work while the build happened in the cloud…”

“Amidst all the tech support questions and such, I just felt like one thing needed to be said about this service. It is awesome…Thanks for this.”

“I must say that this feature, I mean Cloud Build is excellent. It’s like multiplatform Testflight and it’s [a huge] improvement for me. No more uploading… then waiting for upload, sharing etc. Kudos to the whole Unity team.”

“This is a really awesome tool. Thanks for all your hard work!”

Ready to try it out?

You can sign up now. It’s free during beta; all you need is a Unity Pro license and a project in Git, SVN or Perforce source control.

After signing up, if you have thoughts and experiences you want to share or features you want added, please stay in touch. At this time, the best place to request new features is the discussion area in the Unity forums. If you run into any difficulties, you can also submit a help ticket on our Support page.

But what about Unity Free Users?

If you are a Unity Free user, don’t worry. We’re going to bring Unity Cloud Build to you once it’s out of beta. We’re headed in your direction as quickly as we can.

As always, we’re grateful to the Unity user community, and we’re looking forward to hearing what you think and learning what you need. Thanks for everything!

What are your current struggles when it comes to building and distributing your mobile apps? What cloud build features are missing that are keeping you from signing up? How would you like to see Cloud Build integrate with the Editor in the future?

21 replies on “Unity Cloud Build keeps expanding: new features, more developers wanted!”

Please add mercurial support. With large files in gaming projects, it’s very hard to switch to a different version control system. We’ve tried for a month to convert our project from bitbucket mercurial to github without success. Errors left and right. Please add mercurial support.

But what about desktop builds? I see this advertised a lot for mobile games, but it would be pretty awesome for PC games as well.

Why is it that people are enthusiastic about something that should have been possible from the start by making the builder accessible from command line?
I want to integrate my project in my existing pipeline on whatever server I want.
The NIH is strong within Unity.

@boris, but that’s been possible in Unity since forever. You can run editor in batch mode and tell it to do pretty much whatever you want – build a game, or execute any custom editor code.

I’m very interested in using this, but I’d like to know what the planned pricing would be beyond beta. Are you leaning towards free for Pro users, or will be cost extra?


We haven’t announced any pricing plans yet, but we’ve stated that there will be a free level of service for non-Pro users.

Quite enthusiastic about this, but we’re using Mercurial for all our projects. Any news on support for that? :)

I have the same question. When will we see support for Mercurial repos? The cloud build looks like an awesome set of tools, but I’m not going to migrate the version control on my project just to try it out.

are the unity 4.2 and 4.4 version are both the same code because I’m using 4.2 unity code and I’m afraid that the code will be change in the new version of unity 4.4 … i hope you can answer my question

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