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Update: We’ve hit some road bumps and have a delay in deploying the new theme with the features listed in this post. The site is currently live so you can still access it while we work on getting the theme set up.

We have been working on improving Unity Answers with the goal of making it easier to uncover authentic questions that need to be answered. We also want to cut down the time it takes to get an answer regardless of the amount of posts that get published daily. Ultimately, we want to make it easier for you to find existing posts that provide solutions to similar issues that you’re experiencing.

A user guide will be provided once the new site is deployed describing the new features and how to navigate the site.

Help Room

We have created a new section called the Help Room, where any user regardless of reputation (amount of karma points) can post questions directly without having to wait for moderator approval. The Help Room will also contain posts where users are asking for more general help with scripting. Moderators will be able to move questions from the default Questions/Home section to the Help Room when needed. If you want to post to the default Questions/Home section, a reputation of 15 KP or more is needed, otherwise your post will have to go through the moderation queue.

Help Room

Other features that are being introduced with this version:

  • When you start typing a Question, a list with suggested existing threads (+ amount of answers) will appear that may already hold the answer you are looking for
  • Autosave while typing questions, answers and comments
  • A new redactor text editor to make it easier to clearly see how to format code and insert screenshots
  • Reward other users with your own karma points for contributing with good answers and asking good questions
  • See how many followers a post has and tag a user who may be able to answer it
  • Follow content and manage them from your user profile
  • User profile and moderation tools will be accessible from the top right corner

Moderators! You will also get new features:

A space for Moderators has been created to keep track of mod or site-related questions rather than using [META] threads. You will be able to move questions from the default Questions/Home section to either the Help Room or Moderators space.

You will also be able to redirect posts. If you want to redirect a post to another, simply choose that option from the drop-down menu and search for the post which it should redirect to. This way, if you for example find a duplicate post, just redirect it to a more suitable post.

We hope you will enjoy the new site, and if there are any questions make sure to post it in the forum thread created for this so we can help you out.

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HELp me pls on my unity its. Say unity fatal error was detected i download this but still when im select terro on single or i select ct its crashed help me pls in all unity games

HELp me pls on my unity its. Say unity fatal erroR was detected i download this but still when im select terro on single or i select ct its crashed help me pls in all unity games

Unity Answers is still unusable. Most of the time I go to the moderation queue it either times out or takes minutes to load.

The moderation queue ‘ Convert to Comment’ feature is useless, as it refreshes the entire moderation page, then still only gives you a ‘publish’ option, so you need to refresh the page and make two mouse clicks just to approve a comment, and you don’t even know which answer it should be under, or under the question.

Also once a moderator has approved a newbie’s post, they should never have to enter the moderation que again. The moderation que was built to stop all the spam.

The moderation is just an inner forum for moderators. Many questions are actually not making it through for being irrelevant, already asked, stupid or else. If all questions would make it through, Unity Answers would just be a constant flow of new questions, just like SO where your questions goes down the drain in a minute.

One good point of the new UA would be the chat system. You can ask and get answered without queuing.
Sad part of it, most companies run a chat system with actual employees behind, Unity expects users to do the job with a worker passing by every now and then. Which is probably why most high-end users have gone. Always asked for more…

Has any thought been given to ditching Unity Answers and directing Q&A over to Stack Overflow / Exchange instead?

All in all, good things to see improvements.

There was a comment above on distinction between Forum/Answers. Indeed, the barrier is thin. You would expect the forum to be for discussions but I get faster and better answers there on some questions. The Answers has become a kindergarten. Ask an intermediate question and your question starts to see tumbleweed rolling in the background. Most of my questions are really dusty and I end up answering them myself or removing them.

Top karma people have deserted the Answers. Looking at the top 10, only two of them are regularly popping in.

Couple of things to consider also, you can already remove the reward system (Stack overflow model innit?). People are too attached to their karma as if it would pay the bill. Also, it will end up like on SO where some questions remain ignored until 2 days which is the moment you can place a reward. Then suddenly you get 100 hundreds of answers. So only rewarding answers will get attention.

Since this is getting the SO model, META questions should not reward Karma. There has been a point where META questions would come once a day just coz they trend to get easy +1.

Tag a user? Nope. Definitely nope. First off, users like me would not see it since I do not get the mails, and if for some reasons the mails would come, then OP would simply look at the Users section and tag the first 20 there (in which I am…). So please no.

One gigantic step would be to clean the questions, anything related to Unity 3 and before -> Removed, no one uses Unity 3. Any unanswered question older than x years -> Remove. Any question with minus and older than x years -> Remove.
Most of those do not contain any valuable information.

Remember that the Answers is a marketing tool for Unity, it makes sense to take care of it yourself and not only rely on users.

Just my two cents on this.

Hopefully this update to the answers site doesn’t break existing Google search results. Half the time I click on a Google result that goes to answers, the link is broke.

I’m not sure I can see how the changes described will help achieve the goals that were mentioned such as «making it easier to uncover authentic questions that need to be answered».

Why is there even a need for «answers», the only thing it’s doing that a forum isn’t – is fragmenting the people that’ll see your question unless you post to both.

I’ve really only found answers to my questions in the Scripting Reference, Unity Answers, and various Reddit subreddits. I almost NEVER find anything useful in the Unity forums.

Additionally, forum software is rarely geared towards providing an «answer»: People can actually choose and vote on a correct Unity Answer, but in the forums you have to scroll through multiple posts and even pages to find an answer buried halfway through a thread.

Kudos to Unity for finally bringing some love to the old Answers! Hope you guys have a smooth deployment.

Great stuff! Now here’s a suggestion to make answers even more useful… allow us to sort search results for answers by «most recent activity, most overall activity, most relevant» and/or similar. In many cases (not always, but more and more as time passes) questions&answers that are recent are more relevant to me than ones from 2010-2013.

«tag a user who may be able to answer it» … I’m assuming users will be able to opt out here? Or are you going to always notify any high-rep user whenever someone tags them? That may not provide the best experience for those high-rep users.

A method of flagging (via crowd-sourcing?) which versions of Unity a particular solution works with would be great. Sometimes we come to a solution which won’t work in a newer version of Unity because of an API change or whatever.

Great to see Answers getting some love though :D

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