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stairs_uv_chartsWe’ve teamed up with Alex Lovett again and built a demo using the realtime GI features in Unity 5.stairs_uv_chartsstairs_uv_chartsstairs_uv_chartsstairs_uv_charts

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  1. So you needed 4 Level Designers/Artists and 3 Programmers (graphics engineers of Unity) to create this rather small scene (visually) that has no meaningful gameplay?
    That doesn’t sound like Enlighten is a viable solution for small indie teams and mobile development.

    1. The lighting treatment took next to no time. What took time was authoring the geometry, textures, effects and sound. We did everything from scratch in order to be able to give this project out to users for free via the asset store.

  2. Thats pretty amazing!! :)

  3. Is my computer or is this blog entry incorrect? I can’t see anything except for a repeating screen capture.

    1. The page takes some time to load. Give it a moment.

  4. Is this page corrupted? I can only see 4 screenshots.

    1. Alright. Now I can read it. Took some time to load correctly though.

  5. Can i use the demo on a school project? I’ll put your names in credits.

    1. You can use the demo for pretty much anything you like ;-)

  6. I’m facing a problem with the Win x64 download. I’ve redownloaded it three times and always face the same error – the .zip is invalid, or empty. I’ve tried with both Windows and 7zip. Neither can extract them.

    1. Hmm, I just tried. It downloads and unzips fine here. We used 7zip to zip it. Try this alternate location:

    2. Was having the same issue, the archive was corrupted and after repairing the game ran with geometry, ui and gi correct – though materials all had strange artifacts. Anyway, alternative download worked for me.

  7. The desktop pc demo crashes for me a few seconds after the «Made with Unity» logo disappears. This is on a Windows7-64 Ultimate system with 6Gb RAM with GeForce GTS 250 and nVidia driver 341.92 . Let me know if you need more details.

  8. For me this demo doesn’t work. I see only a lot of pink color on the screen which I presume is a missing shader?

    1. Is it the executable or the project? If it is the project please try using 5.2.2p2 or above:

      1. It is the executable. I will check out the project today.

      2. The project works as expected. Do you have any idea why executable renders in pink?

        1. I’ve downloaded executable again and it’s working now.

  9. Hi,

    I can’t find «Ignore Normals» and «Min Chart Size» in Object properties of the lighting panel in 5.2x. Is this a feature of 5.3 to be released?

    1. You need Unity 5.2.2p2, it’s available on the download page under patch releases:

      1. Thanks, got it!

  10. Nice demo and cool to see a realtime version of it as well. However I found some issues. There are a few stairs where you can walk under the structure into a small room. One of the room illustrates some lighting leaks, where a blue light is cast in the room, while there is no source of light. Also the hotkey ‘K’ should make a screenshot. While Unity hangs to create one, there is not actual .png created as all.
    Also I saw that there are props all over the place, but they do not appear in the reflection of the water.

    Would be cool to have these issues being fixed.

    1. Thanks for the heads up!

  11. Amazing work!

  12. Tesseract did this 5 years earlier, with much higher quality:

    And it’s open-source for everyone to try and modify.

    1. Enlighten is a general lighting SDK and has been in development since 2004. It runs on pretty much any platform including mobile. But yes, Tesseract looks like a nice game.

    2. Thanks for the info! I’ll go check it out. Although I do think you’re comparing apples and oranges here.

  13. Any ETA on mixed mode lighting working in U5 ? Full realtime or full precomp is pretty limited.

    1. Fixes for mixed mode lighting are ready and in the queue, which mean they will go into the Unity 5.4 alpha. If no issues are found, we can backport the fixes to 5.3.

  14. On my machine (iMac running OS X 10.10), the demo takes a while to load, performs like crap for about 3 frames, and then crashes. I’ll be honest, this does not inspire confidence.

    1. Sorry to hear that. We’ve mainly been testing on Macbook Pro. Will see if we can source an iMac for testing this.

      1. you surely can, but if you test on a recent model it will preform just fine
        problem is with older models which are still capable of running latest OS but on which the demo is unusable
        older means ~ 4-5 and more yrs old which can still run latest OS just fine …

      2. On the macbook pro – Did you test it on Mac OS X or Windows bootcamp?

  15. where is the demo?

    1. Check out the section titled «How do I get this demo?»

  16. How can we precompute lighting in a scene that requires both static GI and precomputed GI?

    1. Whether lighting ends up in a baked lightmap (static in the player) or in a realtime lightmap is a property on an emitter. That can be a light source, emissive geometry or the sky lighting. So you can easily mix baked and precomputed realtime GI, the shader will take care of reading from both lightmaps for a given pixel.

      An example of this could be a street scene where all the streetlights are baked and the traffic lights and car headlights use precomputed realtime GI lights.

      A light is using precomputed realtime GI if it is set to «Realtime» and its «Bounce Intensity» is non-zero. Emissive materials and the sky has toggles for realtime vs. baked too.

  17. It’s not the lighting that is precomputed. It’s information about how light *would* bounce from one surface to another, from all possible angles, throughout all the static objects in the scene.

    The scene would still be pitch black if there were no realtime lights present, because there’s no actual light data baked.

    However when you introduce a realtime light into the scene at runtime, at any position or rotation, it automatically knows from the pre-computed data where the bounced light would end up. And if you move it, rotate it, or change the colour or intensity of the light, the indirect illumination automatically matches. And as demonstrated, it’s fast enough to have a lot of animated lights running at the same time.

  18. By definition, precomputation of lighting is not «realtime» lighting….

    «The realtime GI system works by precomputing all of the paths that light takes….» from your own description.

    1. In the Editor it does say Precomputed Realtime GI though, maybe the spelling was not perfect that time… Anyway, I hope you didn’t expect realtime GI ‘by definition’ ;)

    2. @Rich – see my post. (tried but failed to make it reply to you :)

    3. The lighting is not precomputed. The paths the light could take are, but the actual lighting itself is not.

    4. High quality indirect lighting in scenes undergoing unstructured motion/deformations at realtime framerates on a significant slice of the hardware in the wild *is* an unsolved problem. We have solved part of the problem by assuming that portions of the geometry will stay static and allowing the lights/materials/environment lighting to be fully dynamic. Dynamic objects will receive full realtime GI lighting but they will not participate in this simulation. This means for many game scenarios realtime GI will be possible.

      We are working on Enlighten features that will allow some pre-authored destruction. This will allow for having dynamic portals/doors that let bounced lighting through when they open in the game.

      We are also experimenting on tech that will do realtime GI in fully dynamic environments in order to support procedural worlds and the like.

      The future will be brightly lit;-)

      1. «We are also experimenting on tech that will do realtime GI in fully dynamic environments in order to support procedural worlds and the like.»

        This is of the highest interest to me and our team for our game Solitude. Fingers crossed for your experiments to progress well =).

      2. «We are also experimenting on tech that will do realtime GI in fully dynamic environments in order to support procedural worlds and the like.»

        You guys really need to outshine Unreal in the lighting department, it’s one of the few features they can still tout as superior to Unity’s system. Iteration in Unreal’s lighting workflow is far, far faster than in Unity’s, and that needs to be resolved ASAP.

      3. Hello Jesper,

        “We are also experimenting on tech that will do realtime GI in fully dynamic environments in order to support procedural worlds and the like.

        We have a game set in a procedural open world that will make perfect use of this system, can you kindly contact me in order to share more info? I think it will be quite interesting for you and the team. (It’s on PC, Xbox One and PS4)