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We are happy to ship the final version of 4.6, which is now called 4.7.0. This is the rollup of all previous patches 4.6.9p1 to 4.6.9p4 and therefore doesn’t have any new features. This is going to be the last and final official release for 4.x as mentioned in the previous post about Unity Patch Release Plan. The only difference is that we now call it 4.7.0 instead of 4.6.10 as we originally wrote.

We would like to explain the reasons for going with 4.7.0 and would like to emphasize the fact that this should not be considered as an indication of continuation of 4.x series. The following are the main reasons, among others, why we decided to call it 4.7.0.

  1. As you are all aware, the Unity webplayer plugin uses the version number to determine which web player runtime to download to play back content and the old plugins will not recognize the new version number (x.x.10). As it’s not possible to update both the browser plugin part and the Unity runtime part at the same time, we have to stick to the version format that the webplayer plugin is able to understand.
  2. The other problem in going with 4.6.10 is that the version is exposed to the scripting API (Application.unityVersion). We cannot guarantee that all the existing and 3rd party code  would handle the “x.x.10” format properly.

In summary, switching to a new version string format that is different from all the previous versions before (4.6.10) as literally the last release in Unity 4.x series is an avoidable risk for all and hence we are using the version number 4.7.0.

This marks the end of a three year cycle of 4.x and a full year of 4.6.x releases. We take this opportunity to thank everyone for being a part of this journey! It has been quite intense with 10 public and 36 patch releases for 4.6 in the last year. We now want to focus our energy on maintaining and developing Unity 5.

To find out what’s in the latest Unity 5 release (Unity 5.3) check out the release blog post. You can read about Facepunch Studio’s experience of porting Rust to Unity 5 here, and if you are planning to move to Unity 5, you’ll find these porting guidelines useful.

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Please release an unnoficial editor of the 64 bits version of unity 4 no matter hoe many issues it has. Beast lightmapling begs for a y4 bits editor the moment you go large scale environment mapping.

I don’t know what going having trouble playing my call of duty heroes game been like this for over two weeks with activision trying to figure something out then you guys come to play just want to get my game back up to much money spent here and time

Unfortunatly, this will break a lot of assets (until they get fixed, of course), because there is no sane way to check for the version number in Unity. Would be so cool if there was something like «#if UNITY_VERSION < 5" or similar.

«UNITY_4» and «UNITY_5» don’t exist, that’s the problem. (Your link confirms this.) Most assets use «#if UNITY_4_0 || UNITY_4_1 || …» and as they didn’t think of having UNITY_4_7, too, they all have to be updated. Annoying, for a simple bugfix release.

UNITY_5 works fine for me :) Just tested it in my project, compiles fine and even works in VS. Though I’m using Unity 5.3, I don’t know if it works in 4.7.

Another option is to use Application.version, split result with «.» and see what number in first index is. It’s kinda «dirty» way, but works.

Could you please check the additional download links for V4.7.0f1 cacheserver and builtin shaders zips ?
Both lead to 404 currently ….

That is not cool!

And it is especially not cool to promote it! Instead of being ashamed of not supporting your single stable version at the moment (because Unity 5.x IS NOT STABLE), you proclaim it obsolete! The shame is on you, guys and girls from Unity!

I’m thinking you’re blowing this out of proportion. All game engines have some problems and Unity 4.x is not an exception. Also, the new UI is not forced on you; you can still use NGUI

I think the only thing that is not stable is the performance on mobile plattforms. There are problems with the UI and the new Shaders in Mobile Plattforms. (Performance very low, fps lower than 30). But, i don’t know if the Unity Team have resolve this thing already.

But everything else i think is perfect.

We found Unity 5+ crashes on various devices for iOS when loading scenes, and for android our crash rate in the wild went drastically up. We had to go back to 4.7 for the time being.

For example iPad pro consistently crashes on loading new scenes after a few minutes when using OpenGL 2.0.

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