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Unite Europe is returning to Amsterdam from May 31st to June 2nd and we need your help once again.  We listened to your feedback from last year and expanded the main conference to run for three days, so that you have extra opportunities to present.

We are opening the call for speakers for Unite Europe as of today.  Closing date for submission of talks is March 20th .

Unite is all about the opportunity to share experiences and to learn, so we welcome talks on all aspects of using Unity. Having said that, we are looking to have two underlying themes for the conference this year: Art and Community.  Looking at some of the content being produced using Unity these days, I am just staggered by the quality and variety of art that people are able to produce.

Whether it is with cutting edge graphics technology as shown by the team at Zerolight, the great use of colour and light in Firewatch or the dizzying lines of Manifold Garden, I continue to be amazed by the results achieved.  We would like to encourage developers to submit talks based on the use of art in their projects and help share these experiences with the community.

This can be for example how you went about establishing your art style and were able to achieve the desired look and feel of your environments and characters.  Alternatively, you could talk about how you set up your art production pipeline and the type of issues you addressed, or give a talk about how you developed your own shaders or tools for a project.

The other thing that continues to impress me is the generosity, passion and power of the community.  I’ve been working in technology companies for over 25 years and have never encountered such a remarkable group of people as the Unity forums before.  The founders of Unity had the idea of building and supporting a community of users from day one and this remains a major priority within the company today.

We would invite you to show us how you were able to interact with members of the community, such as development of packages for the Asset Store, projects that grew out of a game jam or how User Groups were established in your region.  One feature of the London Unity User Group that is always interesting are the Open Mic sessions where people can deliver a short talk or call for help between presentations.  We are looking to do something similar this year at Unite Europe with the introduction of “Lightning Talks” (title is copyright Andy Touch :).

The last hour session of the first and second day will offer 6 slots for ten minute talks on the main stage.  Topics will be submitted prior to the conference and we will let you know if your submission is successful before the day.  These talks can be about anything Unity related but must be a maximum of 10 minutes long and not involve lengthy set up of equipment.  Josh Naylor and Andy Touch will be provided with cattle prods and air horns to make sure that people don’t overrun.  We will be back in touch closer to the time with further details.

I would like to urge you to come to Amsterdam and contribute to the event by giving a talk.  A great city, a great community and a great opportunity to share and learn makes for a fabulous three day experience.  Finally we would like to provide some tips on how to travel around Amsterdam in a safe and fun way.

I look forward to seeing you all there!

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Would be nice to see you coming to Spain at some point. Lots of studios here are making important games using Unity, and both Madrid and Barcelona are perfect cities to hold one of your Unite conference events.

South Europe matters, too!

Thanks for the suggestion – Madrid and Barcelona are definitely two of my favourite cities and we know there are some great games being made in Spain. We are planning to run a workshop in Spain later this year, we will let you know when we have final dates.

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