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We have many sources of feedback from our community. User research is one of them. You can add your voice by signing up to participate in one of our studies.

How does it work?

To become a participant you sign up and give us some information about yourself. You decide what we are allowed to contact you for and you can easily opt out. Participation can be anything from just answering a quick survey, to having us come visit you at your workplace. Completely up to you!

Why sign up?

We reach out for feedback on unreleased features and to learn about how you work. It’s important to get the right insights to continue building the right tools. You get a chance to tell us where it hurts and show us how Unity should support you better in the future.

What’s happening now?

Recently we have updated our database with some important questions. If you have already signed up, you should take a moment to update your information.

Who can sign up?

If you are 18 or older and you are a Unity user, you can sign up, regardless of how you use Unity or your level of experience.

Join us in talking about how to make Unity even more awesome.

Sincerely, the UX team at Unity

Did you know?

Unity users from all over the world have signed up for user studies:


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  1. More than likely this is for marketing purposes. I believe they want to collect data to establish what demographic is using Unity3D.

    I’m guessing this is to create more tutorials with age and language as a basis for how to structure their content. It would have been nice to have some questions asking which features you most need help with or what you would like to see.

    1. Hi Anthony,

      thank you for your reply.

      My apologies if this post is not clear enough.
      Actually we use this for many things, but never for marketing purposes. :-)

      It is true that the survey will help us understand better who you guys are, your roles, your level of experience, what other tools you use, etc, but the primary goal of this tool is not demographics either.

      As something created and used by the User Experience team, we mainly use it to carefully select and get in touch with specific Unity users when we test (new and old) features in order to improve them, talk to people and visit studios to discover more about the way they work and how we can improve their experience with Unity, and so on.

      The reason we ask for so many infos, is just to make sure that every time we test a specific feature or we want to investigate a particular area, we do it with the right users.

      Finding out which features you need most help with and what you would like to see in the future, is also part of our researches, although there are several other place in the Unity website that are better designed for collecting larger amount of data.

      I hope my answer shed some light on what is this tool for and how it helps us.

  2. I’m interested in seeing what kinda research you guys are doing with unity, actually.

    1. Hi Brian,

      I’m very glad to hear that you are interested in knowing more about what we do! :-)
      I think it would be really interesting to share some of these things with you and all the people out there who are continuously helping us.

      Would you be more interested in learning more about general processes and methodologies we adopt while running tests and doing research? Or is it more about the evolution of features based on our studies?

  3. I am not seeing the information that the title claims. How is it helping you to make Unity better? Am I just misunderstanding the title?

  4. Is it necessary to speak to someone in person, or can information be transmitted via email/browser/…?

    1. Nevermind, thanks.