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At Unite ‘16 Los Angeles we announced a collaboration with PTC to Integrate the Vuforia Augmented Reality platform with Unity. Using advanced computer vision technologies, Vuforia has been empowering developers to place their content in real-world environments on major handheld and headworn devices. Through this partnership, Unity will natively support Vuforia’s functionality within the editor, improve application performance and optimize camera and rendering pipelines.

Unity developers have already been creating some major AR Apps in combination with Vuforia. Some great experiences worth checking are Disney Interactive’s Star Wars official App, Activision’s Skylanders Battlecast, Hologrid Monster Battle, The VROOM, and 1600, recently launched by Nexus in partnership with the White House.

To help you get up and running in developing AR, Vuforia has created an AR Starter Kit that is now available in the Asset Store. This package includes multiple AR scenes, each implementing a different feature that you can experiment with or add to your existing Unity project.

The scenes in Vuforia AR Starter Kit show how to use the following Vuforia features: Image Targets, VuMark, Object Recognition, Cylinder Targets, Multi-Targets, User Defined Targets, Smart Terrain, Cloud Recognition, Text Recognition and Virtual Buttons.

To get started, download the Vuforia AR Starter Kit and also get a free Vuforia Development license. Once you have both, follow the steps outlined in this Starter Kit Guide from Vuforia.

Once you have everything in place, you can start creating your own targets and AR experiences using the Vuforia Target Manager. Vuforia also recommends you review their best practices for optimizing target detection and tracking stability.

We can’t wait to see how you start bringing your Made with Unity projects into real world environments!

13 replies on “Get started developing AR Apps with Unity and Vuforia”

Hello. I’ve one question. The pricing of Vuforia after the integration with Unity, is going to be the same? Thank in advance.

I can’t comment on what’s coming but can tell you that it will make Vuforia even easier to use and more accessible for everyone.

I’ve been using Vuforia for years and there is a prefab that I created to constantly increase functionality when Vuforia detects a target and when the target is lost. When both of these things happen I fire a static action. This way I am able to control what happens such as UI, music, effects, etc. Please include these callbacks/events natively in the integration. This would be really helpful.

We provide callbacks for target state via the ITrackableEventHandler interface. Is there something that’s not providing to accomplish what you describe?

Please respond to the forum Mauricio has created – it will be better to flush out there.


Make a forum thread on Unity’s forums, where you discuss directly with Unity developers, listen to theirs problems within your asset/SDK, listen to their feature requests and be prompt, because your forums are a bit disappointing (yes I am a Unity developer and yes I have used Vuforia for Unity for a client).
Feature Request:
– add the possibility to track an object from a custom point-set given by me, created in a 3D modeling tool like Blender of 3DMax, instead of let’s say from that «limiting» app called Vuforia Object Scanner.
If Vuforia can track objects using the point-data generated from Vuforia Object Scanner, than what I requested definitely can work.
Until then Vuforia has no interest for me as I need that feature for a define commercial application in the near future.

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