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A few weeks back, we announced our support for developers worldwide in response to the United States’ travel and immigration restrictions.  As part of that announcement, we stated our intentions to send 50 developers affected by the restrictions to Amsterdam in June to attend our Unite event.

We are excited to now officially launch the Unity Without Borders program.  Unity Without Borders is a sponsorship program that supports developers who, due to US travel and immigration restrictions, are not able to move freely and attend industry events.  Unity will be providing assistance with the Schengen visa process, a round-trip airline ticket to Amsterdam, four nights of hotel accommodation, per diem, and of course a ticket to Unite Europe in Amsterdam June 26-29, 2017. If you’ve been affected, we hope you’ll apply.

Unity believes in democratizing game development, solving hard problems, and enabling success no matter where you’re from.  It is those three core beliefs that drives us and it is our hope that Unity Without Borders helps us expose as many developers, artists, programmers and dreamers as possible to our amazing community.

Please head on over to our Unity Without Borders website for full program details and application instructions.

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I have nothing to show up for as developer yet (fresh indie still at the very beginning of making a game), but as someone who’s effected by this ban, this gesture made me love unity a hell lot more! Thanks you guys.

Great gesture by unity.

For negative comments: The ban on some of/all these countries is beyond travel to US only. Have you ever heard about software embargo imposed by US on these countries?

Do you know that you downloading basic software and apps are prohibited? I am talking about web browsers, flash player, etc … including unity it self because they are evil tools that could be used in wars … LOL

Developing games in these countries is much harder than any place in the world.

Grow Up

Oh Unity helped some people and not helped me *cry* cry* :'( This is not fair.. cry :'(
I can’t beleive how can adult developers act like mouning children here.

Helped what people? The travel ban is in place for specific countries to and from the USA. The meeting is in Amsterdam. Use your logic.

I am a US citizen who cannot travel to Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. I am affected by this travel ban. Can I get a free trip to Amsterdam please?

Border restriction are lifted for those who are in the Army . Vote for national service so that we can share the responsibility fairly.

Stay out of it Unity. Take a side, loose half your users. Don’t become Uber. Stay-out-of-it.

More like 17% though, tbh. Most people didn’t vote and of those who most voted for the other party. I suspect Unity’s developer demographic is probably a bit more educated than than the general population anyway, and are more likely to have worked with Muslims or Mexicans and realize the ban is BS.

So, some developers who were planning on attending the primary Unite conference, but became unable to attend because the venue (the United States) put up travel restrictions, are being invited to a smaller Unite conference in a location that they can actually travel to? And Unity is doing what they can to make sure they can actually get there? This seems pretty straightforward and I’m not quite sure how anyone is looking at this as a bad thing. The general objection seems to be «but this doesn’t solve MY problem» (whether that problem is unrelated to conference travel or other conference travel hardships)… Maybe that is true, but this isn’t zero-sum — the only way to be impacted by this in any way is to be unable to attend Unite due to travel restrictions. If that isn’t you, you aren’t negatively affected by it… you just aren’t affected at all.

I agree. The comments in this post and a few before make it out like the Unity team is the reason for this travel restriction. Remember seeing a comment that Unity should move to another country that does not have this ban. That is not too simple for a family might as well a company. I know this situation sucks but Unity is trying to approach it with some care. Nothing is going to be perfect when something crappy like this is happening.

Sorry to all those actually affected by this. Also screw you idiots who are making fights just because and are not even being hurt by this. Know it is not all but some.

Can’t say this is bad.

But for now, according to *EVERYBODY* the emergency is probably Documentation WIthout Borders or BugFix International

I doubt public relations and account managers have something to do with documentation or bug fixes.
Your argument is irelevant

That is absolutely disgraceful. I will not say anything else as it is obvious you have other issues by declaring what Unity are doing as Evil.

Any time someone decides to help people affected by injustice, they won’t find me complaining. Yes, there are many things wrong in the world. Any time you help one, someone will say THAT wasn’t The One worth addressing. That’s why it’s good that many different people keep addressing many different injustices. Glad to see Unity joining other tech companies in facing this.

Am I missing something here? I don’t understand how travel restrictions into the US from certain areas is preventing anyone from attending Unite. Doesn’t Unite normally take place at different locations world wide?

Thanks for mentioning George Soros. I didn’t know about him. He seems to have a very interesting and sophisticated ideas.
Thank you Unity for showing your anti-racist, anti-xenophobic and anti-bigotry stand.

I’m also confused.

Unity is providing all expense paid trips to send people to the Netherlands because they can’t fly or immigrate into the US? Amsterdam is not located the United States, Unity hosts events worldwide, and you can still visit countries you can’t immigrate to. So what is the point of all this? This initiative does absolutely nothing to help anyone actually in need. It only helps boost Unity’s own perceived image.

This is a waste of resources that could actually be used to help real people in need. What about just sending aid to developers in those countries so they can just stay alive and keep making games? Or do you just really want to parade them all on stage to show how wonderful and compassionate you are as a company? In the end I think the shallowness of such initiatives does much more harm then good.

If this was purely to help developers travel it would be much less problematic I think, but you’ve explicitly stated this whole effort was a knee jerk reaction to the «United States’ travel and immigration restrictions» Which in that context only makes since as a publicity stunt. Really disappointing.

Has anybody told the guys in marketing yet that the 90-day ban only prevents people from traveling into the US, not Amsterdam?

So the travel restriction in place affects a small group of people, and in turn only a small group of people are eligible for this program. Why choose to support this small group, at this time, when there are so many developers in the world that have been experiencing barriers to getting to these conferences? I agree that this seems like a PR stunt, at least in perception. Why? Because Unity as an ideal and software doesn’t have borders. It’s usable anywhere, by anyone. The ability to communicate hasn’t been taken away. The ability to join live streams, chat, video conference. The technology frees developers from physical boundaries. People don’t physically need to be in a place together to socialize, share ideas, etc.

You now end up trivializing all of the other developers across the world who experience many other real world barriers like actual funds, physical disabilities, travel visas/passport restrictions, etc.

What about people not affected by restrictions? We want your support too. Atm this looks no more than a cheap PR campaign.

I’m not affected by restrictions, and I don’t really see what support I need (I wouldn’t expect Unity to fly me to a conference). Sure it helps their PR, but it’s also amazing for the 50 developers who otherwise would have difficulties making their way to some conferences. The initiatives from tech industries in these times is great, and sets a positive precedent.

The restrictions are not targeted at developers attending Amsterdam in any way. A lot of developers have problems attending this conference but Unity choose to simply ignore this fact and focus on PR. They would better spend those money on making their documentation worth reading.

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