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Today kicks off this year’s largest and longest running fighting game tournament in the world, EVO 2017. The event brings in competitors from around the world for three days full of inspirational comebacks, bewildering upsets, and even Unity developers.

Regardless of if you’re a casual player who just enjoys sitting down and mashing out some buttons with your friends, or if you’re someone who really thrives on their competitive spirit, the Made With Unity fighting games that are making appearances at EVO 2017 will have something to offer you.

Punch Planet

This game brings your traditional fighting game mechanics and pulls it into a heavily stylized art style for some fantastic looking combos. Take a peek at the 4th character to join their roster, revealed this week and debuting at EVO.

Bounty Battle

Have you ever wanted to take all of your favorite indie game fighters and throw them into an arena together? The team at Dark Screen Games has been doing just that, throwing together some of your favorite characters from games like Jotun, Battle Chasers, ETIR, and more.


Mild Beast Games is aiming to deliver this stealthy arena combat game that plays heavily on invisibility and movement to deliver a fun experience full of tension and surprises.


An interesting take on the 2D fighter genre, GUTS is a game where your character adapts during the match as you fight to dismember your opponent. Matches change from your traditional 2D fighter to you fighting your friends with no arms or legs.


Fighting games aren’t the only Made With Unity titles being shown at EVO. The Mix is hosting a developer space with titles such as 2064: Read Only Memories, Super Comboman and more.


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