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If you’re an artist, your portfolio is a vital tool which allows you to show off your skills to a wide range of audiences. On Unity Connect we want to make it as easy as possible to showcase your work to our community of talented creators and industry employers with our free online portfolio tool. With that in mind we’re highlighting five trending artists on Unity Connect to showcase their most popular projects.

Kei Tagura

2D/3D Artist and Generalist | Osaka City, Japan

Currently based in Japan, Kei is a Unity generalist with 5+ years of experience. In addition to being a talented programmer, Kei is also an experienced artist proficient in 2D and 3D art animation, texturing, and UI/UX development. The project Kei is developing shown above is a low poly RPG titled Microcosm currently in development for DNXtudio.

Maciej Górnicki

3D Artist/Technical Artist | Helsinki, Finland

Maciej is a versatile artist with expertise in 3D modeling, texturing, shader programming, and a comprehensive understanding of various rendering pipelines. The project shown is a 3D cartoon-style reimagining of Rogue from the X-Men film series on Maciej’s Unity Connect project  X-men Stylized Characters.

Ibrahim Idris

Concept Artist/Illustrator | Kaduna, Nigeria

Specializing in illustration, concept art and design, Ibrahim is a talented 2D artist based in Kaduna, Nigeria. This piece is part of Ibrahim’s portfolio of 2D concept art and illustrations on Unity Connect.

Jonathan van Immerzeel

Technical Environment Artist | Utrecht, Netherlands

Based in the Netherlands, Jonathan is currently working as a freelance Technical Environment Artist. Jonathan is passionate about stylized environment art. His portfolio is brimming with gorgeous, low-poly scenes and environments. Jonathan is a programmer and artist with over four years of Unity experience. The scene shown is part of his Personal Projects portfolio.

Pat Goodwin

Environment/Lighting Artist | Seattle, United States

Pat is a talented environment/lighting artist passionate about shaders, lighting, and photogrammetry. He created the scene shown for Blackout, a MR/VR documentary experience developed by the New York studio Scatter. The screenshot shown is a photorealistic scene of a New York City subway. The scene was scanned using traditional methods, modeled, and then rendered in realtime in Unity 5.6.



We’re incredibly excited to see the brilliant work of artists on Unity Connect. With the recent release of Unity 2017.1 providing a suite of features and tools empowering artists and designers, we’re looking forward on seeing what other amazing work our community comes up with next.

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