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First look at Unite LA 2018: World exclusive keynote content, new summits, tracks, sessions and more!

, agosto 21, 2018

Unite Los Angeles is the perfect opportunity to connect and collaborate with developers all focusing on technology, creativity, games, and more. Unite is getting a fresh, focused, and more intimate feel, with new summits and tracks to explore.

We’re excited to announce a sneak peek at our flagship Unite developer conference in Los Angeles, California at The JW Marriott in LA Live, October 23-25, 2018. This year we will unveil breakthroughs in Unity’s technology, including a full day dedicated to the Entity Component System (ECS), along with summits and tracks dedicated to the power and breadth of real-time in gaming, film, automotive, and more. You can check out the sessions and sign up to attend here. Early bird tickets end on Friday, August 24th at 11:59pm PT.

Unite LA is a forum for creators and innovators to share, learn, and gain insights and practical, first-hand knowledge of how to use Unity effectively. The keynote will feature world exclusive announcements that will leave you on the edge of your seat, including an in-depth demo showcasing the latest advancements in Unity’s ECS. Attendees can also look forward to tech demos, industry veterans revealing innovations for cinematic animation, a reveal of GTFO, and a sneak peek at Unity’s sample game (a complete multiplayer FPS game project). There will be 80 sessions as well as workshops from partners like Magic Leap, Oculus and more. PlayStation and Oculus will also be conducting office hours to help Unity creators make the most of their projects.

Attendees can also expect:

  • Full Day ECS Track- With special appearances from Joachim Ante and Mike Acton, we are planning 9 sessions throughout the course of a full day, dedicated to ECS), which is revolutionizing coding as you know it, with the switch from object to data-oriented design. Sessions include, for example, “We Love Performance! How Tic Toc Games Uses ECS in Mobile Puzzle Games”.
  • Mobile Business Summit – Our first-ever Mobile Business Summit, will feature Unity’s product team and industry leaders on best practices for monetization and increasing retention in games. The day-long summit will include in-depth sessions around the latest Unity technologies for building adaptive and personalized game experiences.
  • Film and Animation Summit – We are announcing a Film and Animation Summit, showing attendees the power of real-time film production in Unity, including a session like, “Unity for Film: Product Roadmap and Q&A” and “Stereo(scopic) 3D-180 for VR Filmmakers.” The summit  will include special appearances from Made with Unity creators including the team from Monarch Media, behind the Unity-driven virtual production of “Ready Player One” and “Blade Runner 2029,” Sonder, the short film rendered in real-time using Unity, and Giant Bear, featuring a lone hunter’s epic battle for survival. There will also be demos, talks, workshops, an exclusive mixer for creators in the film industry, and screenings of real-time short films.
  • AutoTech Summit – Our second Unity AutoTech Summit is a two-day gathering of sessions, including “BMW TV-2 VR LAB: Cross-Discipline XR Experiences for Automotive,” and “From Design to Dealer – VR/AR Software Solutions for Getting to ‘Yes’,” tech demos, and networking dedicated to demonstrating how Unity’s real-time solution is accelerating innovation and transforming workflows in the automotive industry.
  • AEC Track – We will host our first half-day AEC Track, where creators can learn about all things AEC, including building on Unity, visualizations, lighting, how to integrate with other tools like Autodesk, V-Ray, and more. Best-in-class Made with Unity creators in AEC will showcase cutting-edge examples of experiences range from VR for training to streamlining operations. An Industrial Happy Hour for sharing best practices in AEC will follow.

Lastly, we’re announcing our new non-networking networking event! Let’s be honest, you can’t hear yourself think over thumping bass, so we’re throwing our party out the window and embracing the casual, fun Unity vibe that we all know and love. Taking place at The JW Marriott in LA Live, come raise a glass to your latest creations, share ideas and get inspired by our fellow creators. Your next idea could come from Unite LA!

Check out a recap of Unite Berlin, which took place earlier this year, to get a feel for what to expect at Unite LA!

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We know ECS is fast. Stop TALKING about it, Instead, release tutorials to show us by practice that ECS is easy and that it gives us value other than speed: easier game prototyping.

There are so many tutorials online, I just don’t know which to mention first. Go on Google and type ‘ECS Unity3D’

For official tutorials:

Burst Compiler:

Thank you for your links. However these are introductions, not tutorials. The difference is a intros showcase what ECS is about in broad strokes whereas tutorial walks you through the change in coding with small project examples. The idea being to change patterns of thinking.
The only tutorial I found went all the way up to writing movement input for a player.
Mike Acton has extensive experience in the area and could generate 5-10 small projects to walk us through the process of ECS-ing a project. When this happens then we might see that ECS are better undeniably, it would then become unnecessary to talk about it for a full day.
My guess is at this stage, ECS is too clumsy, limited and difficult to use so providing 5-10 small projects would highlight this problem.

This might be the most astute comment, so far, on the current state and reality of ECS in Unity. And you then make a bunch of good points, too. All of which I agree with. Well done, and thank you for making me feel a little less alone in perspective and experience.

I also strongly agree with this view and wasn’t sure if I was the only one feeling this way as well. Would love to hear Unity’s plan to help us transition to ECS besides repeatedly promoting its benefits.

ECS has a completely different approach to something like GameObjects/MonoBehaviours. I can’t imagine diving head first into ECS without knowing some background. It’s also important to know that this architecture is constantly evolving with every release and that it’s also fairly limited at this point (pure ECS did not have support for collision events the last time I checked), so this is probably why Unity does not want to release a full tutorial yet. However, there is a GitHub repo that has some example code of ECS:

Announce your RTX support or see the industry passing by despite your amazing efforts with SRP. Everyone is hyped, and people jump around like idiots thinking it is some exclusive technology for Unreal. Even some of your partners announced support for Unreal due to that impression. Yeah, RTX is not what people think it is, but that, is irrelevant.

Youre making a bigger deal out of it than it really is.

1. Unity will ofcourse support it, no other engine ever comes close to platforms covered, and this has always been the biggest USP of unity.
2. By the time raytracing is even supported accross games and industry to 20% coverage, that card will be garbage.
3. The industry is not going to fully change to purely raytraced in the next 10 years, so dont try and make it seem like it will. If you think this will happen, please do a little more research first then come back. Your point will still be valid with a little more research.

Whenever I see «Unreal» brought up when people are trying to whine about features, it always makes me less likely to actually listen to what they are saying. I wonder if unity developers feel the same. It just comes across as «wah wah me want this!».

This is not the place to air these wants BTW, the forums are.

Unity is not only game engine. Its universal platform for many cases such as visualization, animation production(near future) and etc. So the support of this technology is necessary.

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