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We are excited to announce that we partnered with Humble Bundle to launch our very first Unity Humble Bundle, which includes seven Steam games made with Unity, ten popular digital assets from Unity Asset Store, and twelve Unity development courses. For $15, you can get over $1600 worth of digital merchandise. The offer ends on September 18th, 11 am Pacific Time.

The reason we are offering such a compelling discount is that we want to introduce game development to more people. Unity’s mission is to democratize game development, and by partnering with Humble Bundle, we hope to tap into their amazing community and turn more game players into game creators.

In addition, a portion of the bundle proceeds will go to our charity of choice, Girls Who Code. Unity has always been at the forefront of diversity in the gaming industry, and this is another chance to help bring more female developers into the tech industry.

Girls Who Code offers programs and clubs where girls can explore coding in a fun and friendly environment. They also build a community of peers and mentors and create clear pathways for their alumni into the computing workforce. They’ve already served more than 90,000 girls and will serve many more thanks to the funds you contribute through this Humble Bundle.

The bundle offers an amazing opportunity to play award-winning games, learn to use Unity, and develop games with digital assets. It includes:

There is only one week left to get this amazing deal. Get it on Humble Bundle now.

37 replies on “The first-ever Unity Humble Bundle is available now”

Anyone else get super depress after finding out about this bundle late? Goddddd. Im so sad right now. All those assets were on my wishlist. You should make a seperate bundle with that and charge me 100. Ill give u 100 bucks instead of 15 hahha.

This bundle offered a 99% discount on a suite of Unity assets and people who subscribed to Asset Store notifications were not told of it. I’m also subscribed to pretty much every other mailing list option and there was no mention of this. And it looks like some people who subscribed to the RSS weren’t notified in time, either.

Such an astounding Asset bundle discount, and the only place it’s mentioned is in the Unity Blog, a full week after it became available, and only a week before the offer ended. It’s pretty outrageous.

I’ve appealed to the Unity Success Team without success. Ironic. Somebody with sufficient authority at Unity needs to issue mea culpa and offer this bundle again, but actually tell Unity users and subscribers that it’s available.

Cry, only noticed it today :(

Please make a new one.

p.s. Unity, newsletter subscription is not working.

Got it.
Tried Gaia, music, 3d models and effect assets. All it’s great so far.
Gaia is really awesome, generate multiple terrain take a really small amount of time and it’s always different.
Music and 3d models are always a good thing to get for commercial use.
And finally really professional magic effects.
I just hope effects and gaia will be supported for a long time (for music and 3d models there are the original files) because I will need them when I will finish the foundations and it will take time.
mmo package is of course deprecated (since it use unet), inventory pro and ufps are too integrated for my idea of project (they are more framework than libraries).
Finally I don’t really need visual coding (I will try it one day to see if it’s faster for prototiping… but I think I will be able to do anything faster with coding… and there are 2 of them I don’t really know why even bother to put 2 of them in the same bundle).
The course is just a basic video tutorial that you can find on youtube. I think the «real price» (600 dollars) is just a scam… I don’t really know if it’s bad or good but it’s too basic to even bother.
For games, at least:
Oxenfree, Wasteland, Torment and Shadow Tactics are really good.
In the end it’s a good bundle, sure there are some product that are not good (the unity course and deprecated uMMORPG) (like in every bundle) but Gaia alone is usually 50-60 dollars while this bundle is 15, so it’s already a huge discount… but it’s not only Gaia, there are many that are good (fantasy 3d models, music and sound, effects, games and even if I’m not interested I’m sure one of the visual coding asset is good (and ufps and inventory pro, if you just need a framework maybe are also good)).
I think this is a good bundle even for those who will not use any unity asset, 15 dollars are a good deal even for games alone.
Thanks unity

I’m very confused about one thing; Which version of Unity am I supposed to be using here? I didn’t have it before, so Im assuming that I need to use the free version, and then download the assets to it? I don’t see any keys to open the pro version of the software?

If you are from India, then the purchases from humblebundle will ask for extra phone verification. Indian Phone numbers don’t work there. I had to use my sister’s US number for verification.

If you have similar contact in US, then go for it.

On the whole, amazing sale. Redeemed all keys and they are working. Amazing unity packages for 15 USD.

I have a question for Unity employees who can comment on this. At least two of the assets represented in the sales deal are actually obsolete and finish their journey. This is UFPS (the publisher promises to present UFPS 2 this month, the update is not free) and inventory pro, which will not receive any improvements, is released by Rukzak. The transition is also not free). Perhaps, other assets are in this position. Therefore:
1. Why do not you consider it necessary to indicate this in your message. Is it deliberately unscrupulous advertising?
2. Or I am mistaken, and the buyers of this stock will get the same opportunities as other buyers of these assets – the right to a discount, if such is presented. I very much hope that your answer is more like paragraph 2. Otherwise, it is similar to the use of the name Unity in the genus of goods without specifying the essential properties. Thank you.

I have never buy something online this fast before!
Thank you Unity. I purchased this just for assets, So I have plenty of games on steam that ready to gift them to someone, who wants a game?

So kind of you =)
Tornment or Wasteland would be nice, I am Kin Sibeaz on Steam.
It’s hard to believe that this games was developed whith the same engine I use for my crafts.

Hey, that is really cool of you .;) I hope someone takes you up on that offer; I bought the bundle or I would haha. FREE GAMES HERE folks, step right up!

So, for the assets (for example the sound effects), am I allowed to I use them in non-unity projects? (like animations, etc?)

I’ve grabbed this bundle right away :) I already had some assets (like Inventory Pro and Gaia, both one license per seat). I assume that with these vouchers this means I’ve got two licenses for each product now. Is that correct?

Awesome packages for a very nice price. Thank you!

This bundle is an amazing, exciting initiative and definitely contributes to Unity’s mission of democratizing game development! And based on comments I hear far and wide it was a very successful initiative in that regard as well! Definitely can’t wait for other bundles like this that come in the future.

This is correct. A single payment of $15 dollars and every item listed in the bundle is yours to keep. If and just if you have a humble monthly and buy this bundle you get an extra $2 dollar for use exclusively in it, but frankly even without that extra credit this bundle has an amazing value.

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