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We’re excited to announce the release of Buried Memories Volume 1: Yggdrasil – the first Icon Pack from the Unity Icon Collective. We built the pack in collaboration with our partners Quixel Megascans, Arts United, Rokoko, Substance, and Pinewood Studios to ensure superb-quality 3D content, music, sound, and animations.

In this first volume, creators get the complete Yggdrasil diorama, which features an environment, a game-ready animated character, shaders, textures, lighting, audio and more. We have included not just environment and character art, but also animation, sound, and music to show you how everything works together in a project.

Additionally, we wanted to provide assets that are development-ready. We put a lot of thought into the artistic and technical details such as using optimized textures and shaders, including art elements for the structures and environment.

Finally, the pack is designed for expansion:

  • The animations were made so creators can develop their own animation sequences and in-game character controls.
  • The character was designed so creators can make their own variants by changing textures/colors and adding attachments, weapons or tools. We also included the Substance Painter source files so creators can make entirely new textures quickly and easily.
  • The pack includes a narrative with lots of space for creators to adapt, expand or create their own stories.

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The background and inspiration

Sketches of the character’s head showing several different variation

We started from the ground up to figure out the setting of the world, how a character would fit in it, and what his or her role would be. We also wanted to incorporate historic Nordic designs into the environment and Norse mythology into the backstory.

From a couple of sketches, we slowly narrowed our direction to what would ultimately become the narrative behind Buried Memories. This direction was inspired by the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, which is a seed storage facility located halfway between mainland Norway and the North Pole in the Svalbard archipelago. In Volume 1: Yggdrasil, the scene is set in the distant future outside a similar seed-vault facility in the Northern hemisphere. The facility is overgrown by vegetation and a vibrant tree of knowledge called Yggdrasil has sprouted.

We imagined a world where an unforeseen event caused an AI core to merge with the seeds in the vault. The advanced machines, which previously operated the facility autonomously, evolved and developed their own awareness and culture.

Concept art exploring how the machines live

Based on this new reality for the machines, we tried to imagine how they would feel, walk, talk and behave. We often found it helpful to act out the scenes ourselves.

It took many sketches and paintings before we were happy with the character art. In the end, it was an amazing experience seeing it all come together in the final project.

The character

Character render in Unity

The package contains a full humanIK rig (MotionBuilder) and a custom Rig (Blender), and also contains 31 navigation animations (e.g., pick up item, door open, walk, run, jump, etc.), which enable you to put the character in motion.

Creating the character

We used the following tools to make the character: 3ds Max, ZBrush, 3D-Coat, Substance Painter, Photoshop

The character model in 3ds Max

The character model in ZBrush

With Substance Painter, it is very easy to change and modify textures because the pipeline is non-destructive. We can change the model and update UV outside the program and Substance will read and update it accordingly. Not only is it easy to create variations in Substance, such as changes to color or types of materials, but it is simple to make updates to weathering distributions or add extra normal details directly.

The character model in Substance Painter

Substance directly exports to Unity’s new High-Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP), which enables powerful rendering within Unity and directly translates to work done in Substance.

The environment

Environment render in Unity

The pack contains more than 250 environment props and models, including modular content from Quixel Megascans’ library, providing lots of creative freedom and scalability.

Crafting the environment

Environment render in Unity

We used the following tools to craft the environment:

  • 3ds Max, ZBrush, 3DCoat, Substance Painter, and Photoshop
  • HDRI lighting setup – We used a directional light to mimic the sun direction with post-processing treatments applied (e.g., color grading, filmic tone mapping and vignette)
  • Volumetric fog setup – We used this setup for atmospheric and localized fog in the scene

More to come

Stay tuned for future blog posts revealing more about the creative process and the production behind Buried Memories Volume 1: Yggdrasil. Also, let us know if there are specific aspects about the pack you would like us to cover.

Check out the webpage and download Volume 1 to start creating your own projects!


Get Volume 1: Yggdrasil

25 replies on “Now Available: Yggdrasil Icon Pack”

I will brought to justice Unity

They delete bad reviews, they banned me from Reddit and the forum with no reason

You think you can screw people like that ?!

Who in the hell came up with the name “icon pack” ??
99% of the people associate something completely different with that term.

For the price there should really be more sample images, videos, etc, to see what you are actually getting, not just a trailer cinematic video… As mentioned before this may be too unique to be useful, at least that’s how it seems at first glance since there’s been no apparent effort into making alternate levels to show the environmental art can be used in other moods and scenarios (really, the only screenshots in the asset store are about the character posing with a little bit of backdrop…). The character on the other hand is probably not a great idea, it’s just not generic enough (would much have preferred to see a customizable human or a cyborg at least). For serious development you are likely to not use it at all (maybe just the animations if they are humanoid, I guess), or have it show only as a cameo or as an extra(s) wandering around, and even then you’d have to explain where that thing came from, if your story has nothing to do with robots…

Small correction: I meant «most» of the main pack screenshots show the character on a little bit backdrop. There are only one or two images with only a backdrop but still not very useful, and really too specific to their world. Some images showing how much the assets can (easily) be tweaked to other moods and scenarios would help. And a few images showing all of the assets too. Else you should probably pick themes rather than make up your own stories…

These might look cool but is pretty much useless for anything other than tech demos and as learning material; except maybe for some of the environment art? You can not use this character in a game without someone shouting asset flip. Maybe it will work as some background character in a sci-fi game.

I am not really sure what the target is with this pack. Perhaps you are hoping on a bunch of games developed for this universe you are defining?

We need generic stuff, pick a theme (fantasy, sci-fi, space, whatever) and make characters (with perhaps UMA support), hair styles, blends, clothing, weapons, buildings, nature, and various other that fits in the theme.

I really would like to support Unity with these high quality asset releases.

Hopefully you keep releasing more, and eventually there will be some really nice assets that can fit in my game.

I would have assumed that at this price tag it comes with the 3d source files ( max, zbrush etc.. ). But apparently not ?

It looks like at least the character includes source files: «character model is built to be highly customizable and includes all the source files»

No idea about the rest, however.

Hi, how can I redeem the code to download it free? I am part of my company’s organisation, which has Unity Pro 1 year prepaid, and I have a seat, but when I try to redeem it on the asset store, it gives me an error. Can I redeem it at all, or only the organisation’s owner can. (I am just a user.) Thanks in advance.

If it’s a free prepaid Plus plan from Oculus or some other company then you probably won’t get the free assets of the month. All you get is the 1 year of pluralsight video courses (happened to me, it seems Unity doesn’t give the free asset keys unless you paid for the plan yourself).

I’d like to mirror my fellow commenters. The pack is too unique to be anything useful in a new project. The art is quite stunning, but I can’t imagine it being useful for anything else than just playing around with it. For that, it is way too expensive.

Yeah as stated by a couple others already, don’t call this an Icon Pack! I was expecting a bunch of icons for UI, and in-game symbols etc but then the article is all about characters and animation??? So confusing. So mis-labelled. The earlier post about mouse pointers pretty much nails it.

I would love to see a more generic set of professional assets. Textures, Materials, Terrain assets, Props, etc. These assets like the character and tree etc. are cool but not really useable for any project unless you want exactly that character/environment. Making it only usable for just playing around with.

The only descriptive thing about the eviroment pack is «+250 prefabs», and the only thing is a couple of images.
Can you expect someone to pay 150 bucks if they don’t really know what they are buying ?
At least show an overview picture of the assets that you get !

I frankly believe that the content described, at the price mentioned, is very affordable. I seriously doubt someone could get so many modular, well built assets for less than a few thousand dollars. And they are HDRP ready – very few assets can claim so right now.

It took me until now to realize that Unity is not literally releasing a pack of icons as part of the larger pack (like forum avatars) and that the pack itself is called ‘Icon Pack’…

Icon Pack sounds like you get some sombols in svg or png format. The pack looks good, but is probably too unique, I’d be afraid to make a game using it, putting 2 years of work into it, just to see another game release with the same asset right before I finish my game.

At the price point it is currently at, this seems pointless. The assets are so unique that it will be difficult to look that different and not be associated with this pack.

For the price, it seems like a user would be better of simply getting a megascans account.

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