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We’re happy to announce that the annual Unity for Humanity Challenge is now open for submissions!

As our world evolves at a rapid rate, Unity creators are developing projects and tools that have a positive and meaningful impact on our planet. Whether they touch on social, healthcare, science, education, humanitarian or environmental issues, we see inspirational content being created and shared every day.

The Made with Unity team created this initiative because our mission is to celebrate inspiring, innovative, and pioneering content – and sometimes our creators need a little financial support. The selected creator will receive $25,000 USD to make their vision a reality.

Are you creating experiences that inspire meaningful change? Apply to Unity for Humanity and show us how your creation will change the world! Submit your project through Unity Connect.

Asad J. Malik: the creator of Unity for Humanity inspiration project Terminal 3

Is your project eligible?

Made with Unity is accepting projects that are currently in development or production, but not yet completed. Projects must also demonstrate plans for distribution and be willing to submit to a business-to-consumer-style event (e.g. a film festival). A prototype or video showcasing the project must be provided along with a detailed pitch deck and/or treatment outlining the project details. Projects submitted must utilize Unity as the only 3D/game-engine software used in production.

Submissions close February 18, 2019, after which, the Made with Unity team and one Unity guest juror will judge the entries. The Unity for Humanity winner will be notified in April 2019.

Please read the full contest terms and conditions.

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  1. Hi there! I had a couple of points of clarification about the eligibility:
    (1) “be made using Unity version 2018 (or higher) software” – We have a project that we think would be a great fit for this competition, but we started development using 2017.3.1, and upgraded it to 2018.2, but we will not be able to upgrade to the latest version. Would it still be eligbile?
    (2) “be made solely with Unity with respect to the software used in production” – 100% of the development is being done in Unity, but we have used other software to build 3D and 2D assets. Would this disqualify our project?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Hi! Sounds like an amazing opportunity! When looking at eligibility, one of the conditions is: ‘not have been submitted previously in any promotion of any kind’ – does that include submissions to programs like Oculus Connect? Thanks!

  3. Hello! Can paid applications participate in the competition already published in Google Play but are still under development?

  4. Hey there! Just a quick question with the rules. Section 5 states that you must be an individual, but Section 6 then states that a team of no more than 5 members may enter. Could I get a bit of clarification there? Also, is a team considered a group of individuals within a company working on the project, or the entirety of the company?


    1. Hi Ben, thanks for asking for clarification on this. The rules are that each individual on that team needs to fulfill the criterial applicable to individuals (why it states that only individuals may apply)
      however, up to five (5) qualifying individuals may join forces in creating a project. We are unable to accept entries from entire companies.

      1. Hi! I’m wondering if Oculus Start members are allowed to apply?

  5. Can the project contain external asset as for example from the Asset Store?
    Or for more questions is it ready a link to a specific forum thread or section?

    1. Yes, you can use external assets (ie: asset store) as long as you have licensed all assets appropriately for use.
      Questions about the challenge can be answered here at this time! Thank you!

  6. And what should it be? Game, video, or just a program? Is it possible to use 3d packages or not?

    1. Hi Vasyl, your submission can be any form of content (XR, Film, tooling, game etc) as long as it is playable in real-time on a platform that is supported by Unity, and created with Unity as the sole real time 3D development platform. Please refer to the official rules for further details. You can use assets from the asset store or 3D packages as long as they are all licensed appropriately for use.

  7. unity 2019 is still in alpha. developing for that is sort of risky especially since I develop for VR. why is that a criteria?

    1. This was a typo. Any project developed using Unity 2018 and higher is eligible.

  8. Awesome! A question: Why the resident of Quebec, Canada, Brazil, and Italy are excluded?

    1. Hi Alan! This is for legal purposes.. for global contests these territories have been removed for legal compliance reasons. Thank you for inquiring!

      1. We are working to amend this for future challenges.

      2. Plínio José Rodrigues Mourão

        enero 9, 2019 a las 11:26 am Responder

        Can you specify the legal compliance reasons in which we (i’m from brazil) aren’t eligible to participate?
        This information might be helpful so we can work to make it possible if it’s a constitution issue.

        1. Hello! These territories and countries (including Brazil) have special contest laws and we do not currently have permissions to grant awards to recipients due to these regulations. We hope to in the future!