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Now taking submissions for $25K Unity for Humanity 2019 Challenge

, enero 7, 2019

We’re happy to announce that the annual Unity for Humanity Challenge is now open for submissions!

As our world evolves at a rapid rate, Unity creators are developing projects and tools that have a positive and meaningful impact on our planet. Whether they touch on social, healthcare, science, education, humanitarian or environmental issues, we see inspirational content being created and shared every day.

The Made with Unity team created this initiative because our mission is to celebrate inspiring, innovative, and pioneering content – and sometimes our creators need a little financial support. The selected creator will receive $25,000 USD to make their vision a reality.

Are you creating experiences that inspire meaningful change? Apply to Unity for Humanity and show us how your creation will change the world! Submit your project through Unity Connect.

Asad J. Malik: the creator of Unity for Humanity inspiration project Terminal 3

Is your project eligible?

Made with Unity is accepting projects that are currently in development or production, but not yet completed. Projects must also demonstrate plans for distribution and be willing to submit to a business-to-consumer-style event (e.g. a film festival). A prototype or video showcasing the project must be provided along with a detailed pitch deck and/or treatment outlining the project details. Projects submitted must utilize Unity as the only 3D/game-engine software used in production.

Submissions close February 18, 2019, after which, the Made with Unity team and one Unity guest juror will judge the entries. The Unity for Humanity winner will be notified in April 2019.

Please read the full contest terms and conditions.

51 replies on “Now taking submissions for $25K Unity for Humanity 2019 Challenge”

Hey, I think it’s mentioned in this comment section already, but the contest for this page is behaving like it’s closed and isn’t accepting anymore entries.

Some of us were honestly under the impression that the contest ended at midnight tonight (Monday). It’s still written right on the rules page that is linked from this blog that the deadline is tonight…

The relevant section says:
4. Challenge Start and End Dates
The Challenge begins at Monday, January 7, 2019 at 0:01 PT (the “Start Date”) and ends at Monday, February 18th, 2019 at 23:59PT (the “Deadline”).

I double checked and triple checked that time as well as all other rules, and think the early closing is a really big deal, as I’ve poured so much effort into this. Would love for somebody from Unity to look at it and allow us to finish submitting up until midnight tonight (Monday), which is what’s written in the current rules.

Hi David!
The submission portal has been fixed, you can still submit today (Feb 18th!) Apologies for the confusion!

I had been planning to submit my entry today…. When I go to the Unity For Humanity Challenge page I see a large blue button that says «Start a Submission». But as soon as I sign in, the button goes away.

I tried the ‘contact’ button at the bottom to get help, but the auto response said they’d get back with me in 5 days.

In short, when I sign in, there’s no longer ‘Start a Submission’ Button:

Also, this may be part of the problem, on the rules page, which I had been going by, it says the deadline is Feb 18 at Midnight (this is the date I had been meticulously striving for):
And on the Unity for Humanity 2019 Challenge page, it says Feb 18 at 2am:

Any help would be appreciated. I’ve put a lot of effort into this journey. Thank you very much for your help. :)

When I click the Submit button it goes away, and then wants the agreement terms checked.
18 hours until Midnight – «ends at Monday, February 18th, 2019 at 23:59PT (the “Deadline”)»
Tried both FireFox and Chrome.

I would hope not. There are terms that govern the contest. There are multiple links to the terms (on this page even). Terms say «Monday, February 18th, 2019 at 23:59PT » – same time zone as Unity’s headquarters in San Francisco. Not, «2:00 AM in an *unidentified* time zone, as shown by some nondescript text on a single page that is located separately from the agreement terms you must agree to».

Hopefully the servers got overloaded with great ideas.

The submission portal is still accepting submissions, it has been fixed, apologies for any confusion, you can still submit today (Feb 18th until midnight PST)

Hi, I have a quick (and quite urgent) question, in point 6 of the ‘2019 UNITY FOR HUMANITY CHALLENGE OFFICIAL RULES’ states:
«Each Team is limited to one Entry. The first Team Member to submit an Entry shall be the “Team Lead”»
And then in step 3 of that same point it states:
«Step 3: Each Team member must submit the Entry as a Project on Unity Connect here.» (with a link that takes you to the Unity for Humanity page)

So I do not understand exactly how we are suposed to submit the entry. We are all working on the same entry, one as the owner and the rest as contributors, so if we click ‘post’ it should all be ok? or do each one of the team members must submit the same entry ‘individually’ (which sounds a little bit odd to me since we would all copy the content we already made, and post it again but from our accounts).

Any direction is highly appreciated! (2 days left D:)

Hi Jose,
In this case, just ONE teammate can submit (just be sure to list all those in the team in your submission docs), this way we just receive the one submission, but can see who else is involved as a team. Hopefully this helps!

Try submitting just under ONE person (and listing the other teammates in your documents) that way we just receive the one submission, this may help!

I have a game idea that will change the workd. It will give the gamers of the world the first ever game that is also a career. My app idea will connect the gaming world to retailers, advertisors, virtual world and so much more. I cannot afford to build it on my own. What I’m proposing is you hire me as a consultant and give me a team to build it. You keep 95% and give me 5% equity
once it reaches 30 million members. RizaCity will be the game which all future games model after and will become the first game to incorporate Bitcoin and turn it into a world currency.

Well this is awesome!
I have an idea i am developing for a year now, but it wanted to be humane so that has not b2c model, so this sucks for me.
Oh well good luck to those that qualify

Imagine a project that’s in production since two years, still years away from finished, but already available on the various app stores. Would a project like that be eligible?

Can an individual compete, if the individual is the owner of a «start up» that is developing the software, as its first product line?

Can you clarify, please: The rules refer to software that is under development. Does this means that the software does not have to be 100% complete? Thank you!!

I’m working on a submission but am unable to find a way to submit the required slide deck and prototype or video. Are these to be submitted via Unity Connect?

Hi Michael, Yes you submit via Unity Connect. Are you still having issues uploading your deck and video?

The Humanity Challenge looks great. Quick question on the rules. Can I make a game that promotes the Christian God, his teaching through Jesus Christ unto salvation, repentance and drawing all men everywhere to turn from their sin (fallen state) to himself to find healing in relationships, to find joy through heartache, peace despite circumstances, and patience while we wait on Him.
Does that fit the rules?
Thank you :)

Hi Amy,
Just wanted to check on the question I posted, before getting started with the project. ;) Thank you!

I have one question please regarding the submitted proposal for Unity Challenge prize. Should it be already part of my work and I already have results? or is it an idea for a project that I can work on after getting the prize?

Sorry, wrong post– the answer to your question is that it should be in production, with a viable plan, it should be a project that is close to production or in production

One other clarification: I know this doesn’t apply to submissions to other ‘contests’ – what about being accepted into other programs (that aren’t contests) like Oculus Start?

If you have applied to Oculus Start, your project is still eligible for Unity for Humanity!

This is a great idea! I really hope this will be organized again another year, since I’ve been wanting to do something along these lines but haven’t started it yet.

Hi there! I had a couple of points of clarification about the eligibility:
(1) «be made using Unity version 2018 (or higher) software» – We have a project that we think would be a great fit for this competition, but we started development using 2017.3.1, and upgraded it to 2018.2, but we will not be able to upgrade to the latest version. Would it still be eligbile?
(2) «be made solely with Unity with respect to the software used in production» – 100% of the development is being done in Unity, but we have used other software to build 3D and 2D assets. Would this disqualify our project?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Joyce!
Thank you for your inquires:
1). Yes 2018.2 would be eligible!
2). No, your project would certainly qualify– to clarify- Unity must be the only real time engine used. We will amend the official rules to clarify!

We look forward to your submission!

Hi! Sounds like an amazing opportunity! When looking at eligibility, one of the conditions is: ‘not have been submitted previously in any promotion of any kind’ – does that include submissions to programs like Oculus Connect? Thanks!

Hi Thomas,
That is correct, we are only able to accept submissions not in any other contest. Thank you for your inquiry!

Hey, we built a project during a Hackathon and were wondering wether we are also able to submit the project for this challenge as well? Or does that also fall into this category?

Hello! Can paid applications participate in the competition already published in Google Play but are still under development?

Hi Miko!
We do not restrict them from monetizing your creations- so Google Play is not an issue. Just as long as you are the sole rights holder. Thank you!

Hey there! Just a quick question with the rules. Section 5 states that you must be an individual, but Section 6 then states that a team of no more than 5 members may enter. Could I get a bit of clarification there? Also, is a team considered a group of individuals within a company working on the project, or the entirety of the company?


Can the project contain external asset as for example from the Asset Store?
Or for more questions is it ready a link to a specific forum thread or section?

Yes, you can use external assets (ie: asset store) as long as you have licensed all assets appropriately for use.
Questions about the challenge can be answered here at this time! Thank you!

And what should it be? Game, video, or just a program? Is it possible to use 3d packages or not?

Hi Vasyl, your submission can be any form of content (XR, Film, tooling, game etc) as long as it is playable in real-time on a platform that is supported by Unity, and created with Unity as the sole real time 3D development platform. Please refer to the official rules for further details. You can use assets from the asset store or 3D packages as long as they are all licensed appropriately for use.

unity 2019 is still in alpha. developing for that is sort of risky especially since I develop for VR. why is that a criteria?

Awesome! A question: Why the resident of Quebec, Canada, Brazil, and Italy are excluded?

Hi Alan! This is for legal purposes.. for global contests these territories have been removed for legal compliance reasons. Thank you for inquiring!

Can you specify the legal compliance reasons in which we (i’m from brazil) aren’t eligible to participate?
This information might be helpful so we can work to make it possible if it’s a constitution issue.

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