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Experience a whole new way to access our award-winning learning courses, projects and tutorials and master your Unity skills.

If you’ve started to learn Unity, you’ve probably tried one of our tutorials and learning projects. These unique resources – designed to help you learn by building and modding real Unity projects – have been acclaimed by the developer community, but Unity learners have had some common feedback about the experience:

  • I don’t know where to start.
  • How can I track my progress on this?
  • What do I do next?

In response, we built Unity Learn, a brand new learning platform and home to Unity’s award-winning learning materials. It’s now even easier to search and browse our collection of hundreds of free projects and tutorials, including two new beginner projects – Ruby’s Adventure: 2D Beginner and John Lemon’s Haunted Jaunt: 3D Beginner. Search our learning materials by topic, content type, and level of expertise to find exactly what you need to help achieve your short and long-term goals. The improved presentation of our tutorials puts the how-to instructions, video clips, and code snippets front and center, making it easier to switch between Unity Learn and the Unity Editor.

Set your course

For those looking for more direction about where to start and what to do next, we have a new type of content: Courses.

Our courses are meticulously curated by the Unity Education team to give you the very best paths through the Unity tutorials for meeting your specific learning goals. At launch, Unity Learn will offer six free courses covering beginner, intermediate, and advanced topics. Completely new to Unity? Start with the Unity Basics course. Ready for your next challenge? Try Beginning 2D Game Development or Beginning 3D Game Development. Want to take a deep dive into C# scripting? The Beginner Scripting will ease you into that world. Next, graduate to our Intermediate 3D Game Development course. For experts looking to squeeze out the most performance from their application, the Performance and Optimization course has you covered. Look for even more courses coming soon.

To keep you on track with your goals, Unity Learn also lets you track your progress as you complete these courses. By signing in with your Unity ID, you’ll gain access to your personal My Learning dashboard to see all your learning activity: what you’ve started, completed, and the content that you’ve saved to tackle a bit later.

New platform, new projects

If you’re a Unity beginner hankering for an adorable 2D or 3D beginner project to get your teeth into, we have just the thing. To accompany the launch of Unity Learn we released two beginner projects – Ruby’s Adventure: 2D Beginner and John Lemon’s Haunted Jaunt: 3D Beginner. These projects bring you a complete beginning-to-end experience, starting with a full introduction to the editor and finishing with making a build of your game.

Let’s talk 2D

Meet Ruby. Ruby has come home to find that her charming Robot buddies, the ClockWorkBots have malfunctioned. Jambi, the doorway dwelling frog, says it’s up to Ruby to help them.

On Ruby’s journey to fix the broken bots, you learn how and why we use sprites, how to create your first script, use the tilemapper, decorate your scene, particles, UI, audio and so much more. Join the conversation on our Ruby’s Adventure: 2D Beginner forum here.

Thirsty for 3D?

John Lemon’s Haunted Jaunt takes you through three-dimensional environment setup, the enemies’ behaviors and how to set up your character scripts. You’ll gain deeper understanding on using 3D environments, cameras, physics and how to end your game.

We’ve based our Haunted Jaunt on a stealth mechanic, so get ready to guide our desperately fearful protagonist John around the corridors and rooms of the haunted hotel he is trapped in. Beware of the glowing ghosts patrolling the hallways and don’t forget – the gargoyles are always watching, their flashlights glinting in the darkness.

Listen out for some eerie atmospheric audio, find phantom portraits on the walls and of course, don’t get caught! Let us know what you think by joining us on the forum here.

Both projects are published as Tutorial Resources, which come ready for you to create your own game, and a Complete Project version which has a few levels designed by the Content Team for you to play with. Let us know how you get on by joining us on their forums.

As any creator knows, refining and developing your craft is a journey. Just as you may spend time learning new techniques, being inspired by different life experiences and adapting your creations, your learning journey with Unity is similar. Unity’s new learning platform helps you build the skills you need to express your creativity and achieve your vision.

Get started on your learning journey today!

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  1. There will be some kind of certificated for the payed subscription?

  2. Please add a Tools/UIElements category !

  3. This is truly great, thank you for caring about the devs so much :) . I have one request though, could you add a multiplayer section please. I think learning multiplayer, currently is really important, so it would be really helpfull if you provide us with a section dedicated to this topic.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions, Arnaldo!

    2. I agree with Arnaldo on multiplayer. As an experienced Unity user i single player, there is not a lot of material for learning multiplayer. But I will add that there is more support for real-time multiplayer, and nothing for turn-based. While turn-based should in theory be much simpler, the complete lack of learning material makes it the harder option.

  4. This is amazing article thanks for this information this is very useful Announcing Unity Learn, a brand new learning platform thanks for sharing us…

  5. It’s a nice add. At least you don’t have to pay for Unity plus anymore. A really, really cool thing would be a smart documentation integration inside Unity, i.e., when you hover your mouse or ctrl-click on a part of the editor or type something in Unity, you’d get the docs on the topic instantly. That, and to streamline the docs/scripting manual on the website itself.

  6. This doesn’t seem that new to me. There’s been tutorials like these on this site for years. I realize beginner tutorials can help get people started, but there aren’t many advanced tutorials out there. It would be nice to see Unity finally create a full learning path for once.

  7. Thank you unity, For this wonderful opportunity

  8. Will have to say I’m slightly disappointed that this will not be free. I have not had the best luck with purchasing learning resources that meet my needs.

    1. Everything you see in the blog post is free!!

  9. Very interesting… :-)

  10. So nice to see new projects and tutorials, but for me the old view Tutorials page is more convenient…
    There was a lot of different nicely structured things to look at ! And now it’s looks like there is only half(or less) of information that was there…
    Please, make it possible to view old style of Tutorials page&

    1. It’s still there, just not readily accessible without the link. .

  11. Great Projects.. Downloaded Haunted Jaunt as described et voilá: does not work because of «missing reference(s)».

    1. These projects are for 18.3 or 19.1, if you downloaded them through the Asset Store they should download the correct version for you.

      If you downloaded via the Hub, you must set your preferred editor to be 19.1.

  12. Hire someone to do your web design…

  13. Great Job Unity !!! Thanks to help us to learn……