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Escape the witch’s cottage in our new VR learning experience

, febrero 27, 2020

Our brand new project for Unity Learn is an immersive VR escape room. Explore the potential of VR in Unity and create your own experience in a simple prototype environment. Let us introduce you to working with VR in Unity – with clear learning material and engaging gameplay.

Dear witches, warlocks, and wizards,

You know those days when you’re locked in your house and the only way out is to make a potion in your technologically-advanced cauldron? We’ve all been there… 

This escape room themed beginner project introduces you to working with VR in Unity. Your cozy cottage includes a kitchen, fireplace, and workstation where you’ll find your wand, spell books, potion ingredients, and of course, your trusty cauldron. 


In the step-by-step tutorials on Unity Learn, you’ll: 

  • Create your own prototype room 
  • Add teleportation movement and interactable objects with realistic Assets
  • Enhance the experience with sound effects and closed captions

Once you’ve done that, you can immerse yourself in the cottage and explore potion-making with your cauldron.

While we created this escape room project for all beginners, we kept the needs of educators and schools in mind with our instructional design, ensuring that all the assets are light in file size, easy to download, with simple to follow tutorials for classroom use. 

Be sure to have your Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S, Oculus Quest or HTC Vive headset set up and the latest official version of Unity installed to have the best experience! 

To access the project, download the project from the Asset Store and head over to the Unity Learn platform, where you can find over 750 hours of learning content at all levels.  You can also join the conversation on the Unity forum and make sure you tune your Witch Watch to 6 degrees of freedom. 

Interested in going further? Check out our Design, Develop, and Deploy for VR course we built with Oculus.

6 replies on “Escape the witch’s cottage in our new VR learning experience”

Is there any more tutorials using the VR Escape room?, for example I want to trigger a door opening when the fusebox lever is pulled down. (in prototype scene).

This looks super cool! I am super excited where VR is headed. Appreciate the hard work on VR Projects to make it easier for us developers to work in Unity.

Unity Hub doesn’t show the project as available to download as stated in the tutorial instructions. ETA on availability?

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