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Unlock access to over a billion new players for your Android mobile game

, agosto 28, 2020

The Unity Distribution Portal (UDP) can help you reach the massive international market of players beyond Google Play – all with just one build managed from a single dashboard.

The competition in today’s mobile game market is fierce. To succeed, you need to get your game in front of as many potential players as possible. Google Play is the dominant mobile game market on Android, and many developers start and finish their games’ release with just this platform – either because they’re unaware of other app stores or because they don’t think they have the resources to sign up, submit, and track builds for each of them. But the distribution landscape is much broader – and it’s growing by 14–18% year over year. The Unity Distribution Portal (UDP) enables you to reach these promising markets by reducing the workload to access them, helping you tap the potential to reach over a billion new players across alternative app stores around the world. After rigorous testing and integration of the community’s feedback, the product is now globally available.

What is the UDP? 

The Unity Distribution Portal was created to help make publishing mobile games on alternative app stores faster and easier for developers. When you submit your game, UDP automatically creates specific builds with all required SDKs in the background, saving you a substantial amount of time when publishing to multiple stores. 

We’ve created a largely self-serve dashboard that anyone, even a solo developer, can use to share games more widely. The process is straightforward. Simply create a developer’s account in each store where you want to sell your game, enter screenshots and descriptions, add your game binary, then UDP creates store-specific builds and helps you push them to each individual store. It’s free to use, and you can choose which stores you want to publish on.

Check out this tutorial to discover just how easy it is to distribute your game with UDP.

A local-to-global approach

To give your game maximum reach, it’s important to address local audiences individually. Each market has its own legal framework, currency, and audience needs, and understanding and meeting these requirements can be a huge headache. UDP solves this problem in a single hub.

The philosophy behind UDP is that local platforms are as important as global outlets. We work closely with big names such as Samsung Galaxy Store, Huawei AppGallery, and Xiaomi GetApps, as well as local stores like QooApp, Uptodown, SHAREit, Korea’s ONE store, and TPAY Mobile in the Middle East, and we’re continually adding new store partners. UDP is designed to give developer distribution strategies greater granularity with a simple one-hub solution, while reaching players in 188 countries and counting.


Many markets, one dashboard

UDP comes with a unified dashboard that largely lets you keep track of store submissions in one place without going to each store’s console individually to track sales or update content. This saves your LiveOps team a lot of time to understand what should be done for the game in which region and with which store.

One of the coolest benefits of using UDP is that there’s little-to-no extra effort in publishing to local stores – and that can boost your game’s sales significantly, since you’ll have the advantage of standing out more in a smaller crowd. Traditional stores are overcrowded and competitive, but alternative stores are hungry for great content, less chaotic for players to navigate, and it’s easier to find great opportunities for collaboration. 

There’s no such thing as too much visibility. The Unity Distribution Portal works for games at every stage of their lifecycle, but we recommend including UDP in your distribution strategy from day one. By gaining maximum visibility for your game, tracking its performance from launch day onwards, and controlling all facets of your channel distribution with the UDP console, you’ll have stronger insights about where to take your game next.

Over 400 studios are already using UDP to boost their sales and reach a wider audience. Are you ready to start publishing your game to more players? Try the Unity Distribution Portal for your game, or learn more about the UDP and its participant stores here. Give us your feedback on the UDP forum.

8 replies on “Unlock access to over a billion new players for your Android mobile game”

This is looking really cool. Any plans for Google Store support too? You can already import information from google store, but it would be nice to have that integrated. More something for games that haven’t deployed to anything yet. Are there stores that require app review prior to uploading? Will some stores have a delay while the app is examined and will the status desplay in the dashboard? (never uploaded a game yet) – thanks

I have mixed feeling about UDP. I was only able to publish my game in Mi Store so far.

– Samsung Store requires US address details
– ONE store requires Korean address details
– Huawei AppGallery is all in Chinesse (?)
– «Register your game with QooApp Game Store» link just stopped working and now can’t be pressed

It’s a neat idea which might work nicely in the future if they’ll keep working on it.

Hey there,

These are issues that you shouldn’t be getting! Can you contact our team by emailing ‘’ who can assist you from there.

The Unity Distribution Portal works for games at every stage of their life cycle this is a great development i feel better now

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