Entradas de Palaniyandi Jawahar

New plans for Unity releases: Introducing the TECH and Long-Term Support (LTS) streams

At GDC, we announced our new plans for Unity releases, which include what will be known as the TECH stream and the Long-Term Support stream ... Leer más

abril 9, 201835

Unity Sustained Engineering Release Plan

Seasons greetings to you all! We promised in 2016 that we would support 5.3 as a stable release for a year. Your feedback showed that it was... Leer más

diciembre 22, 20166

Final Release for Unity 4.x

We are happy to ship the final version of 4.6, which is now called 4.7.0. This is the rollup of all previous patches 4.6.9p1 to 4.6.9p4 and ... Leer más

diciembre 17, 201524

Plan de Patch Releases para Unity

Como avisamos anteriormente, nuestro Roadmap ahora es público.  Además, queremos compartir con ustedes lo que el equipo de Sustained Enginee... Leer más

septiembre 16, 201594

Sustained Engineering Plan For Unity 4.5 and 4.6

Great news! The 4.6.0 public release is going live later this week. When that happens, the default Unity version will become 4.6.x. Subsequ... Leer más

noviembre 24, 201423