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Verifying the scripting docs – Fun with EditorTests

When I encounter an API in Unity that I am unfamiliar with the first thing I (and most of us) do is go to the Unity Scripting API Manual to ... Leer más

agosto 18, 201718

Happy Patch Day!

Today marks three years since our first patch release (4.3.7p1) way back on 15th of May 2014 and the subsequent creation of the Sustained En... Leer más

mayo 15, 201727

#unitytips: ParticleSystem Performance – Culling

In a previous post, I wrote about the performance considerations when using the various curve modes available in the particle system. This t... Leer más

diciembre 20, 201622

Particle System Modules – FAQ

Starting with Unity 5.3, you have full scripting access to the particle system’s modules. We noticed these new scripting features can be a b... Leer más

abril 20, 201633

Custom Coroutines

Among all the shiny new features, there is a tiny one line in the Unity 5.3 release notes for a feature that I found useful and I think you ... Leer más

diciembre 1, 201567