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Introducing Unity Connect Messenger: Live, real-time access to the Unity community

'Community' is one of the first things we hear when we ask why people chose to create with Unity in the first place. Extremely enthusiastic,... Leer más

julio 8, 201714

Unity Connect is going worldwide

Every day, we are seeing more and more members of the Unity community join Unity Connect, the first talent marketplace dedicated to Unity cr... Leer más

mayo 17, 20175

Spotlight on Ultimate FPS: Fast track your game with the ultimate first person framework

Ultimate FPS is one of the longest-running assets on the Unity Asset Store, with over 1500 reviews and a 5-star rating average. Special O... Leer más

abril 18, 20173

Unity Connect School Pages Help Showcase Emerging Student Talent

Today’s college and university classrooms are home to the next generation of talent that is going to take the industry by storm. How will re... Leer más

marzo 24, 20174

Fast track your development: get further faster with these free productivity tools

Making games is not easy. It takes a lot of time and dedication, especially if you are on your own, learning as you go, or a small team. Y... Leer más

marzo 21, 201718

New year… new gig? 3 tips to help you get ready for your next big career move with Unity Connect.

It might be landing your next big role at a game studio or finding more projects to work on... whatever your career aspirations are, here ar... Leer más

enero 12, 20174

Taking classroom collaboration to the next level with Unity Connect

This Unity educator is teaching students to build a portfolio and showcase their work while making team collaboration easier with Unity Conn... Leer más

diciembre 6, 2016

What’s new with Unity Connect: our first round of updates

This week, we’re excited to announce our first official release and update to Unity Connect since launching the Open Beta at Unite LA. Tha... Leer más

noviembre 28, 20163

Unity Certification and training now available from partner organizations around the world

The Unity Certification Program, launched earlier this year at GDC, has enabled developers around the world to validate their foundational U... Leer más

noviembre 17, 201615

Unity Connect Open Beta: Join the first talent marketplace dedicated to Unity creators!

When Andrew joined the Open Beta of Unity Connect and posted his Task, he wasn’t expecting to get a response within 20 minutes… but that’s e... Leer más

noviembre 7, 201612

Big news for education: Unity is now free for qualifying academic institutions at all levels!

At Unity, we know that the future of the game industry, the future of VR/AR, and, therefore, our own future lies with the young minds in sch... Leer más

noviembre 3, 20169

Introducing the Unity Certification Program

Visit the Unity Certification pages to get the latest on new certifications and courseware. In talking with members in the Unity community,... Leer más

abril 4, 201636