Entradas de Lukasz Paczkowski

Replacing MonoDevelop-Unity with Visual Studio Community starting in Unity 2018.1

Starting from Unity 2018.1 we will be shipping Visual Studio for Mac instead of MonoDevelop-Unity on macOS. On Windows will continue to ship... Leer más

enero 5, 201892

Unity 2017.3b feature preview: Assembly Definition Files and Transform Tool

As the release of Unity 2017.3 is drawing near, we’d like to show you two nifty features that you might like. The first feature is Assem... Leer más

noviembre 22, 201726

Serialization, MonoBehaviour constructors and Unity 5.4

Starting with Unity 5.4, we have added new errors that are displayed when calling the Unity API from constructors/field initializers and dur... Leer más

junio 6, 201610

MonoDevelop Roadmap

As stated on our public roadmap, we are shipping MonoDevelop-Unity 5.9 with Unity 5.3 in December. MonoDevelop-Unity 5.9 is at the time of w... Leer más

octubre 22, 201578