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Unity and IPv6 Support

Apple recently announced that beginning June 1, 2016, “all apps submitted to the App Store must support IPv6-only networking.” Since many of... Leer más

mayo 10, 201655

Unity is coming to Apple TV

Apple has recently announced a new generation of Apple TV devices and a new operating system for them: tvOS. This new operating system opens... Leer más

septiembre 14, 2015118

Overcoming issues with iOS App Store submissions

Recently, we have received a number of reports indicating that Apple have tightened their review process, and have started rejecting apps th... Leer más

febrero 11, 201413

Unity 4.2.2 brings iOS Game Controller support

Like most mobile games developers, we've been closely following what important additions and changes the recently released iOS 7 update has ... Leer más

octubre 11, 201324

Unity’s ready for the iPad 4 and new iPad Mini!

iOS developers around the world are waiting impatiently for Friday, November 2, when the new iPad4 and iPad Mini ship. The iPad4 promises im... Leer más

noviembre 1, 201230

Unity and iOS SDK 4.3

Many of you have reported troubles submitting your applications built with iOS SDK 4.3 to the iOS AppStore. At the time, the problem looked ... Leer más

junio 15, 201119