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Standard Events Explained: Part 2 – Application and Progression

So far in this series, I've introduced the concept of Standard Events and waded into the pool to describe the Onboarding group of events. Th... Leer más

agosto 9, 20174

Standard Events Explained: Part 1 – Onboarding

In my last post, I wrote about our new Standard Events package, which we've designed to make deep analysis of your game insanely simple. Now... Leer más

junio 9, 20174

Introducing Standard Events

"What custom events should I implement?" is a question we get asked a lot at Unity Analytics. Believe it or not, asking this doesn't mark yo... Leer más

mayo 12, 20179

Hackers, InterWebz, and Fish Tacos

In the harsh chill of a San Diego February... Well, it was a little drizzly and we couldn't wear shorts (most of the time). Anyway... 1... Leer más

febrero 22, 20174

Stoking the fire: Heatmaps Rekindled

The heat is on! Last year, Unity Analytics released our beta version of the Heatmap system. It arose from a hack week project, which itself... Leer más

junio 29, 201616