Entradas de Soomin Kim

Diving into the Metaverse with ZEPETO

mayo 3, 20211

Asia's leading metaverse platform, ZEPETO, has hundreds of content creators selling virtual items on their platform. Let's dive into how the... Leer más

2D Pixel Perfect for a crisp conquest in Skul: The Hero Slayer

+1 enero 21, 20213

With 2D Pixel Perfect, the 2D team at Unity wanted to make it easy for creators to produce sharp and clear pixel art of various sizes and sc... Leer más

Pinkfong’s Baby Shark: Teaching children to wash their hands

noviembre 27, 20201

How do you spread public health awareness among children during a global pandemic? It’s easy when you have an irresistible song and an agile... Leer más

How Sounds Hannam used Unity to turn a complex cultural space into an interactive 3D environment

+1 octubre 16, 2020

The Sounds Hannam Project is an architectural visualization project that digitally created Sounds Hannam, a complex cultural space in Hannam... Leer más