Entradas de Unity Technologies

Unity at GDC Showcase 2021: Visual scripting, new releases, and other moments from the keynote

marzo 16, 202120

“Unity for All 2021: Tech and Creator Showcase” offered an overview of recent and upcoming features and behind-the-scenes stories from the t... Leer más

Better games through more diverse teams

marzo 12, 20217

Wooga games made it their mission to bring more women into their development teams. Five years later, the studio is seeing the benefits of i... Leer más

Artists and Designers: here are the Unite Now sessions for you

junio 26, 20203

With Unity, artists and designers can reduce their reliance on programmers and technical artists to implement their ideas, and keep more cre... Leer más

Package Manager updates in Unity 2020.1

junio 24, 202038

As more features in different stages of development move into packages, choosing the right tools for your project can be challenging. Update... Leer más

Game on: Level up your Unity skills

mayo 14, 20206

Last month we kicked off Unite Now, a digital programming series that includes inspiring talks, demos, Q&As, and stories from Unity expe... Leer más

Los planes de Unity para el 2020: recapitulación de las soluciones y la tecnología que vendrán este año

abril 6, 202025

Están pasando muchas cosas en Unity este año y nos entusiasma compartir con ustedes lo más memorable. Por lo tanto, busca algo de beber y mé... Leer más

Te traemos Unity: Unite Now comienza en abril 14

abril 1, 202019

Te presentamos Unite Now, una serie de charlas, demos, sesiones de P&R e historias disponibles en tu dispositivo favorito. Para ti. Para tod... Leer más

Introducing Unity’s Guiding Principles for Ethical AI

noviembre 28, 20184

At Unity, we fundamentally believe the world is a better place with more creators in it. It’s our mission every day to democratize developme... Leer más

We’re joining Unity to help democratize data-oriented programming

noviembre 8, 201719

Mike Acton and Andreas Fredriksson have joined Unity as Principal Engineers from Insomniac Games. They’re two AAA engine and performance exp... Leer más