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Introducing the Unity Certification Program

Visit the Unity Certification pages to get the latest on new certifications and courseware. In talking with members in the Unity community,... Leer más

abril 4, 201636

Announcing Unity Collaborate Beta

Over the last year we've been learning from many of you - how you and your teams work, how you leverage the strength of the Unity community ... Leer más

marzo 22, 201650

Ad engagement sending Futureplay’s revenue through the roof

“Our success wouldn’t have been possible without Unity’s great tools," says Jami Laes, Co-founder and CEO of Futureplay while looking back o... Leer más

marzo 14, 201610

Austin Hackweek: Operation Build Awesome Things

In early February, Unity engineers from Ads, Analytics, Cloud Build, QA and R&D combined forces in Austin, Texas for a hackweek with a m... Leer más

febrero 25, 201625

Looping in the whole team with Unity and Unity Cloud Build

Ambitious games are built by teams that work great together. Two mid size studios share how they collaborate in Unity in the following video... Leer más

octubre 26, 20152

Unity Analytics Update: Editor Integration, Heatmaps and Unity IAP Beta

Unity Analytics is Unity’s official analytics solution. No SDK to implement and it’s free! We have been hard at work expanding our analytics... Leer más

octubre 9, 201516

Unite 2015 – New Features for Unity Cloud Build

Greetings! At Unite, we announced the latest and greatest update to Unity Cloud Build. We’ve been listening to your feedback, and have been ... Leer más

septiembre 24, 201515

Unity Services are just a few clicks away

The Services Window is new in Unity 5.2. It’s your in-editor gateway to Unity Ads, Unity Analytics, Unity Cloud Build, and Unity Multiplayer... Leer más

septiembre 10, 201515

Unity 5.2 – your gateway to Unity Services

¡Redobles por favor! Unity 5.2 está listo para descargar. La grande noticia en esta nueva versión, es la ventana de servicios(Services Wind... Leer más

septiembre 8, 201578

Synapse Games frees up resources with Unity Cloud Build

Synapse Games is a small indie studio that’s hugely successful. Their games, Tyrant Unleashed and Global Assault, are consistently amongst t... Leer más

septiembre 2, 201519

Games Made For Sharing: Social Game Design

It’s a truism that even in the era of instantly accessible content, nothing quite rivals the power of word of mouth. Social media can help u... Leer más

septiembre 1, 20156

The Story of Ultraflow: Designing with Unity Analytics

This story was written by our intern Eric Tsai In June 2014, 5 students studying at Supinfogame, located in France, came together to prove... Leer más

agosto 18, 201510

Leveraging Unity Cloud Build for testing large projects

This is a story about how we are using Unity Cloud Build internally and how it can make life easier for you, our users, as well. Read on to ... Leer más

junio 26, 201510