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Verifying the scripting docs – Fun with EditorTests

agosto 18, 201718

When I encounter an API in Unity that I am unfamiliar with the first thing I (and most of us) do is go to the Unity Scripting API Manual to ... Leer más

UnityScript’s long ride off into the sunset

agosto 11, 2017135

It’s been with us since Unity 1.0, but its time is finally coming: we have begun the deprecation process for UnityScript, the JavaScript-lik... Leer más

16 Highlights from 2016 on the Unity blog

diciembre 29, 20164

We’re nearing the end of 2016 now. Everyone’s enjoying their winter festivities, and gazes are shifting to all we have in the works for 2017... Leer más

IL2CPP Optimizations: Devirtualization

julio 26, 201660

The scripting virtual machine team at Unity is always looking for ways to make your code run faster. This is the first post in a three part ... Leer más

Serialization, MonoBehaviour constructors and Unity 5.4

junio 6, 201610

Starting with Unity 5.4, we have added new errors that are displayed when calling the Unity API from constructors/field initializers and dur... Leer más

Particle System Modules – FAQ

abril 20, 201633

Starting with Unity 5.3, you have full scripting access to the particle system’s modules. We noticed these new scripting features can be a b... Leer más

Unity joins the .NET Foundation

abril 1, 201646

Today at Build, Microsoft announced that Unity is joining the .NET Foundation. Quoting from the announcement: “This marks an important mil... Leer más

10000 Update() calls

diciembre 23, 201576

Unity has so-called Messaging system which allows you to define a bunch of magic methods in your scripts which will be called at specific ev... Leer más

The future of Data Compression in Unity

diciembre 16, 201523

Hello everybody! My name is Rich Geldreich, and I’m a game developer, graphics programmer, and data compression specialist. I’ve been in th... Leer más

Custom Coroutines

diciembre 1, 201567

Among all the shiny new features, there is a tiny one line in the Unity 5.3 release notes for a feature that I found useful and I think you ... Leer más

MonoDevelop Roadmap

octubre 22, 201578

As stated on our public roadmap, we are shipping MonoDevelop-Unity 5.9 with Unity 5.3 in December. MonoDevelop-Unity 5.9 is at the time of w... Leer más

The Unity Assertion Library

agosto 25, 20157

Unity 5.1 shipped with a brand new Assertion Library. In this post, we will explain what an assertion is and how you can use it to improve r... Leer más

Unity 4.6.2 iOS 64-bit support

enero 29, 201587

  Today we announce the public release of Unity 4.6.2, available for download as of right now. It is the first public release with iOS... Leer más