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GGX in Unity 5.3

marzo 11, 2016

In Unity 5.3 Standard Shader, we have switched to GGX as the BRDF of choice for both analytical lights, such as point/directional light, but... Leer más

@Heliosdoublesix does Arch-viz with realtime Global Illumination

febrero 24, 201528

Is it possible to dial up the quality level in Unity 5 high enough to make high-end architectural visualizations? In response Alex Lovett a... Leer más

Pollen VR: Developing high-end visuals with Unity 5

febrero 16, 201510

More stories from the adventures of an EMEA field engineer! Today, I wanted to share with you the development of Pollen VR. Mindfield Games ... Leer más

Porting to Unity 5 – The Untold Rust Journey

noviembre 19, 201423

Facepunch Studio's founder Garry Newman and his team have been porting Rust over to Unity 5. How did it go? This blog post tells the yet unt... Leer más