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The new year has hardly begun and it’s already been incredible, I say that as it feels to me like Unity and Unity content are in the news a lot as of late. While I know that those of us at Unity Technologies have been firm in our belief that Unity is the best thing going in game development, I think a lot of the recent media coverage and content launches are helping to show that’s really the case. Given that, I thought I’d take a minute and point out some of the recent media mentions for others to check out and perhaps share some of your own. Enjoy.

The first Unity-authored title on the Wii console is now shipping! It’s been a long road of travel but we’re very excited to see the first full-on console title, authored in Unity, hit the store shelves. For most of us this will have to be a news item of note as we’re likely outside the target market for the game (younger females), but it is just so cool none the less! Take a look at My Animal Centre, it’s very cute game that allows players to be a veternarian and take care of all sorts of animals.

The 11th annual Independent Games Festival recently announced the finalists and winners in a variety of categories. Of note among them are two incredible Unity authored games that most folks in the community know about already, but many others outside may not have been so lucky. Those two content pieces are Feist (Excellence in Visual Art) and The Graveyard (Innovation Award), have a look for yourself by checking out the 2009 IGF Finalists. I personally love both of those games and am quite happy to know that they’re being recognized by others for their fantastic work.

Another content related item worth noting is that Unity-authored utilities and Dashboard Widgets continue to remain popular and be top-items according to Apple’s site. By saying that I mean to indicate that they’re either top staff picks or they’re top-50 listed due to high download rates. Specifically I’ll note that as of late Rock’N’Roll Dice (by Mad Ogre Games) garnered staff pick status among Utilities while 3D Paradise Paintball (by Cmune) is #2 on the Top-50 Dashboard Widgets list. Kudos guys, keep it up!

Moving away from specific content news items, there was recently an article on Arstechnica discussing the fact that Unity has helped bring the Mono framework on to both the iPhone and the Wii console. The article itself doesn’t focus on Unity per se, but our product is given significant mention as an example of Mono’s usage on various platforms. Either way it’s great to see our product such press, Open source Mono framework brings C# to iPhone and Wii is a great read so check it out!

And last but certainly not list was today’s news about a recent Unity Technologies staff addition that bodes very well for us going forward. David Lau-Kee, co-founder and CEO of Criterion software, makers of the Renderware engine, has now joined on as part of our Board of Directors in order to help offer up some guidance based on years of experience in this industry. This news is cropping up in a few places, for example it’s being well covered by the folks at Develop Magazine in their Lau-Kee Lands at Unity article as well as their Q&A session with David, One for All.

And there’s more that I could list, there are Unity-authored games appearing everywhere and lots of attention being thrown our way as Unity’s adoption in the games industry continues to grow. As I said above the year has only begun and we’re already off to a great start, next up is Unity 2.5, more on that in a later blog post! (whetting the appetite :) )

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“About Unity IDE being written in Unity itself – that’s one way to say it. It’s not exactly like you’d write a “Unity game”, but all the GUI is done the usual Unity way (script classes with OnGUI functions).”

Woah, woah, woah! Aras, you’re saying the Unity Editor/IDE is basically made from Unity itself?

Thanks for mentioning our “Rock’n’Roll Dice Roller” Tom. It’s great to see so many games and applications popping up in the media lately. We are certainly looking into a bright future. Hope to see many more games making the news!

@ashkan: It’s pretty much the same, really. With Unity, you don’t have to install Mono or anything, it just works.

thank you and sorry for double comments
i think i should take a look at mono, i am a computer software student in iran and even don’t know .NET completely yet but i always worked with vs 2005 and C#.
around ms .NET and even did not installed mono yet :D

@ashkan: yes, the core player is written in C++. Mono is used to execute game scripts. We figure Mono takes about 1/3rd of the player size (1MB out of 3MB). Using .NET is not a real option, really, because of two things: 1) not everyone has it installed, 2) embedding (C++ -> .NET and .NET -> C++ calls) are very different in Mono vs. Microsoft’s implementation.

About Unity IDE being written in Unity itself – that’s one way to say it. It’s not exactly like you’d write a “Unity game”, but all the GUI is done the usual Unity way (script classes with OnGUI functions). Really similar to editor scripting thing that started to appear in Unity 2.1, in fact (and more extensibility coming in 2.5).

thank you tom
do you mean the unity IDE (authoring package) will be written by unity itself!!!?

from what you said, i understand that the core player and renderer is written in C++ but CILs created by user scripts will be executed by mono runtime, is this write? if yes how much of the web player size is mono runtime?
i know mono is too much smaller than ms .NET but many windows users have .NET already installed (specially vista users) is it possible to make another version of the player and exclude mono runtime from it and let it use ms .NET to execute CILs of user scripts?

thank you again

thank you tom
from what you said, i understand that the core player and renderer is written in C++ and mono is the runtime to execute CIL assemblies of scripts, is this write?

how much of the web player size is mono run-time?
i think you can make a version without mono that uses .NET framework from microsoft for windows users (specially vista users) because many of them have .NET installed on their computer. am i right? are mono projects compatible with ms .NET completely? i mean can ms .NET execute all cils produced by mono compilers?

thank you again

Was the Nintendo DS version of My Animal Centre made with Unity? No, it wasn’t as we do not support the Nintendo DS.

With Unity on Windows will we support Vista Gadgets? No, not in Unity 2.5, perhaps later on we will.

Is the Unity IDE “made by Mono and .NET”? I’m not sure what you’re after, the core player is written in C/C++, we incorporate Mono as the basis for our script engine (Mono is .NET compatible and x-platform), but the actual interface in 2.5 will be written in C# using our UnityGUI system.

great work again!!!
i have some question
that game has a version for nintendo DS, did they use unity for that game???
do you know what happen when windows version come out!!! :D unity will exploid the market!!! torque, gamestudio A7, good bye

do you support vista gadgets like mac gadgets in windows version?
it’s easy!!!! just HTML files with a XML manifest file

is unity IDE made by mono and .NET?

i can not wait!!! woo

Yea, loads of great stuff recently :), and even so..I think this is nothing compared to what’s to come!

“While 3D Paradise Paintball (by Cmune) is #2 on the Top-50 Dashboard Widgets list. Kudos guys, keep it up!”

How could have you overseen the #1 widget :P?
Crashdrive3D, our Unity game, has been #1 for several weeks now and still is.

Together with Paradise paintball Unity games keep a constant #1 widget place for about a month or more. Unity games seem to have no problems at all getting staff picks and high ranks at the apple widgets list.

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