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It’s a nice day for news as not only did Unity Studios launch a new website but the folks at Cartoon Networks went live with FusionFall, an in-browser MMO game developed with a Unity front end! I know that this project has been in development for quite some time and it’s involved people from many companies, teams and countries. Kudos to everyone at Cartoon Networks and Grigon Entertainment on the launch, I hope that you’re all taking a well deserved break! Go play today:

The excitement of such a cool game being made for kids to play in the browser has been generating a lot of media coverage. Here are a few links for media coverage of the launch:

FusionFall – 5 Out Of 5, and A Raving Review Too
Fusion Fall : Fusion Fall Launches [sic]
Inside FusionFall, Cartoon Network’s New Kid-Friendly MMO

There is certainly more coverage than that, those are just some starter links to get you going. It’s definitely an exciting day for Cartoon Network & Grigon Entertainment, and for Unity Technologies and Unity Studios as well. Kudos to everyone involved!

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Congrats on the release Unity and CN teams! I played it for an hour on the weekend, was a lot of fun and very slick presentation.. I could see this being addictive for the kids. Cheers

I’m sorry to hear about that Josh, it all worked like a charm for me (OS X 10.5.6 and Firefox 3.0.5). Did you offer any of that feedback to CN/Grigon? Did you log a crash bug for us to consider using our bug reporter app installed with the player on Windows? I’d obviously like for us to track down and fix anything we appreciate anything you have to share along those lines.

Congratulations guys! Overall I’m really excited to see the first MMO running in Unity.

I was a bit disappointed, however, that I had to go through 5 web-browsers on 6 computers from two different locations (home & office) before I finally saw a fully functional version. During beta it would consistently hang after the tutorial level and once they launched it would simply hang or crash at “loading”. Went through 3 current generation iMac’s using NVidia and ATI cards, a Quad-Core Mac Pro with the highest end NVidia card available, and two PCs. It consistently crashed my browser before even starting the game in Firefox (with all plug-in’s disabled and Safari on the mac’s and all browsers on the PC until I tried running it in Safari on the PC.

I look forward to the guys at Cartoon Network getting this thing working correctly. When I finally got to see it, I was very happy with what I saw.

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