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Workin’ the Table
Our main focus at the conference was to work our sponsor table (we were a Silver sponsor for the event) as it’s a great opportunity to meet with and talk to a wide variety of people working in the casual games space. During three days of table duty we spoke to a number of existing users as well as lots of potential new users, all of that providing some great touching points on the community which I always enjoy. In addition to those folks we were able to talk to a number of people with related technologies or efforts that play into the developer community at large. Those included a few portal and publisher representatives as well as a number of folks offering various payment and transaction solutions, including in-game micro-transactions. I’ll draft up more information on what I learned there later, for now let’s stick with the high-level summary material, and of course a few photos…

Martin and Ricardo stop by the table

David and Joe prepare to start the day

Being Social
Like all game industry conferences there was plenty of social time booked into the schedule! We started the week right by hanging out with a few friends in town, then each of the two conference nights featured planned events which we naturally attended. The first of those two events was the Real Games party held near the conference hall, it featured an open bar, food and a solid crowd. On the second night the conference organizers had the official party, but we broke from that and hosted a bit of a drinks and mingle on our own at a local Hamburg bar, the Zoé 2 / Sofabar. While our party was certainly nowhere near as large as the official party, it was great as we met with a smaller and more intimate crowd of folks specifically interested in Unity. In attendance were existing users like Martin and Ricardo, but also some potential new ones, folks from the local IGDA chapter and other well wishers and general friends. All told the week was fruitful on both a business and a personal front as I love getting together with folks and having a chance to know them on a personal level, not just via email/IMs/IRC/the forums.

Martin and I having a good time

Folks enjoying the night

So that puts a wrap on another great trip and conference experience, thanks to everyone that made it such a fantastic week!

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