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Hi guys.

I was just going through some old folders sitting in a dusty corner on my hard drive, when I found a backup copy of images I posted to a Danish gamedev forum in the first years of Unity. Thought I should share these:

Unity 0.2 (or thereabouts)

Unity 0.2 (or thereabouts)

This is Unity running in what I believe to be OS X 10.0 – it’s a game Joachim and I made together over a weekend when I visited him while he was still living with his parents. The funny thing is both seeing how much has changed, but also how little: we got ShaderLab in bottom left, Hierarchy view, Project (called Library back then) and the inspector top-right. What did we actually do during all those years? (and yes, that is python gamecode scripts you can see in the Library – this was before we switched to Mono)

I modelled the Apache – l33t gfx skillz, no?

Fast forward 1-2 years:


Here we have a weekend game we did in a somewhat later Unity. Don’t know why I put it here – I just always liked it, I guess.

Over & out \n

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Is there any way to get the old version of unity (crimson editor) just to fool around with…. I would love it!

I remember working with you and Joe on getting the audio engine components working with the helicopter simulation in the early days of unity. Once I got the sound effects plugged in and was flying around shooting missiles it was like “So cool!!!”

Can’t forget the old Unity drop of blood + gear app icon too! I still have that floating around. :D

@bronxbomber92: actually, both of those screenshots are on Cocoa (the second one is heavily skinned though). But yeah, with Unity 2.5 there’s almost no Cocoa left.

Thanks, good read. I like these kind of blogs a lot. More please.

What I wondered: Do you guys still have enough time to write every now and then games like above beside working all time on Unity? I mean this is what Unity was born out, right? Anyways, good stuff!

Unity sucks.. they didn’t even put together their networking the right way. It’s all screwed up.
just read all the complaints people have about it on their boards..


Wouldn’t mind seeing a return of the that Blender like layer system though! Or at least a way to make a GameObject exist on multiple layers..

Hey Nicholas, thanks for sharing that! Hehe, yeah, Unity has come a long way – but it seems you “just got it right” right from the beginning (the rest is just super-polishing ;-) ).

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