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Now that we’re clear of the frantic week we call Unite 2009 let’s talk about the also incredible Unity Awards! Once again we had a huge increase in not only the total number of submissions (129!) but also in the overall content and quality of those submissions. It was a tough job to pare down the submissions into a list of top contenders in each category, and then even tougher for our team of judges to whittle those down to a list of their top-5 favorites in each category. The end result was that 13 games in particular seemed to stand out the most as those titles occupied the top-5 positions across all four categories. Without further adieu let’s go through each of the categories and see a list of the finalists and winners…

Best Overall
The best overall category is the one in which we recognize the true best-of-breed content for the year and it was a tough task to say the least. There were many titles that came close to being finalists, but ultimately only a few made that final run at the title.

Winner: Max & the Magic Marker, developed by Press Play

Runner Up: Lego Star Wars: Quest for R2-D2, developed by Three Melons

Finalist: Paper Moon, developed by Infinite Ammo
Finalist: Monospace, developed by Nonverbal
Finalist: EnerCities, developed by Paladin Studios

Best iPhone Game
Given the popularity of iPhone/iPod touch games in general, and of course the way in which Unity iPhone has become the dominant middle-ware tool of choice, we felt it truly necessary to recognize the best iPhone games on their own.

Winner: Monospace, developed by Nonverbal

Runner Up: Samurai: Way of the Warrior, developed by Mad Finger Games

Finalist: Snake Galaxy (now being published as Paris Galaxy), developed by DigDog
Finalist: Battle Bears, developed by SkyVu Pictures & Blackish
Finalist: Touch KO, developed by Adam and Matt Mechtley

Best Visual Design
One of the exciting things about a tool like Unity is that it lets you experiment in ways you might not be able to with other tools. The rapid iterative abilities and easy work flow make experimentation easy, and that leads to some incredibly beautiful and unique visuals.

Winner: Doppelscope, developed by Tobias Baumann

Runner Up: Blush, developed by Flashbang Studios

Finalist: Choma, developed by Knife Media
Finalist: Max & the Magic Marker, developed by Press Play
Finalist: Paper Moon, developed by Infinite Ammo

Best Technical Achievement
To go along with rewarding the best visual effort we wanted to recognize those titles that displayed solid technical achievement as there are so many folks out there pushing the technical boundaries with Unity. This category was extra tough as we all have our pet areas of interest with our technology, audio, shading/graphics, game play mechanic and more.

Winner: Blush, developed by Flashbang Studios

Runner Up: Max & the Magic Marker, developed by Press Play

Finalist: Time Donkey, developed by Flashbang Studios
Finalist: Touch KO, developed by Adam and Matt Mechtley
Finalist: Super Volei Brasil 2, developed by Aquiris

Closing Thoughts
As I noted up top there were 129 separate entries at the beta stage and that’s an awesome turn out! I know that not all of you were able to get a final build submitted and certainly not all of you made it into the final judging stage (involved roughly 30 entries), and even fewer of you made it into the top-5 finalist categories. But through it all the hard work and effort the Unity community puts forth to make killer content is a critical component in driving our technology forward. Content is king y’all, and without you I don’t know where our tech would be. So thanks to everyone that participated in this year’s Unity Awards and a huge round of applause and hefty kudos to the finalists, and especially the winners. Rock on!

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Aubrey: we’re not done, we’re still getting a Unite page update sorted as well as a Unity Awards page update sorted, I laid out our thoughts above and you’ll just have to cope with that. :)


I don’t want to come across as harboring a vested interest (which I suppose I technically do :) ), but there is a lot of truly awesome stuff out there that hasn’t yet received any mention in the current awards – which I am surprised to find are again dominated by 2D games.

As a showcase of what can be achieved with a tool as powerful as Unity, the 2008 awards page was excellent.

LOL Aubrey. I don’t know that we’ll go quite so far as last year felt a bit like we were handing out participation ribbons. :P Either way it’s on our task list to get the contest page updated ASAP so stay tuned!

Last year’s special recognition page was great! Hopefully we can look forward to a similar consolation for loosers this year :)

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