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Hey folks, the end of another incredible year is rapidly coming to a close and the holiday season is fast upon us, and we here at Unity Technologies want to help everyone celebrate with a special end of year discount. Specifically we’re offering everyone the chance to save 20% off of any purchases made in our online store between now and the end of the year. In order to take advantage of this offer you simply need to visit our online store and enter ENDOFYEAR2009 into the rebate coupon field and you’ll save 20%, it’s that easy. You can visit our online store by clicking on the following link:

Unity Online Store

Remember, this end of year discount offer is only valid through December 31st so make sure you take advantage of it before the new year begins!

4 replies on “Happy Holidays from Unity Technologies!”

Sorry folks but the coupon has expired, you’ll have to either buy now anyway or wait until we have one again (nothing specific to share there, we have them at times but generally don’t pre-announce). This information was shared mid-month via this post, our email announcements list (sign up for that on our site’s home page!), the forums, Twitter, etc. Tune in to those for word of our next rebate special! :)

Damn! I read this news after the new year arrived :(

Any chance to extend the promo a couple of days more?

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