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  • The Unity Asset Server can now be hosted on Windows! (in addition to Mac OS X and Linux as before)
  • The Unity Asset Server can now be hosted on Debian-based Linux distributions as well.
  • The Unity Asset Server now uses an updated version of PostgreSQL.
  • When used with Unity 2.6 (and later) the Unity Asset Server now offers faster check-in times.
  • There are tools to help simply the backup and restoration of Asset Server databases.

If you’re interested in reading more about the Unity Asset Server or the 2.0 release in particular then please use the following links:

Press Release
Unity Features: Unity Asset Server
Download the Unity Asset Server
Unity Asset Server Guide


5 replies on “Unity Asset Server 2.0 Released!”

@Tom yes i agree that there are advantages but there is a reason for those happy people in unite09 keynote to scream.

@Ashkan: the press release that I linked to in the blog post answers that question in specific, I’ll cite those reasons here for easier access:

1. Unity Asset Server has a built in GUI for versioning assets, eliminating the need to drop into an external client to manage the assets.

2. Unity Asset Server caches imported 3D models, removing the need to have the application in which the models are authored installed on all machines.

3. Unity Asset Server is optimized to handle large binary assets whereas most external version control systems are focused around handling text source files and perform badly on large binary assets.

4. Unity Asset Server takes care of managing all Unity metadata automatically.

Then you can read the quotes from Matthew Wegner of Flashbang Studios found in the press release if you like as he shares some thoughts of his own as well.

it’s the first time that i am writing a none positive comment
why someone should use this when SVN is available for free?

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