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As y’all know the user base for Unity is exploding and that growth includes developers across the spectrum, from games to non-games, from small development shops to large studios, from social media outlets to major media providers. Today we have news about not just a major media provider but a major toy manufacturer as well, that company being none other that LEGO! Allow me to quote a bit of the press release that went out today:

Building on the success of LEGO® Star Wars: The Quest for R2D2 and BIONICLE: Glatorian Arena, Unity Technologies, the provider of the market-leading Unity development platform for 3D interactive content on the Web, PC, Mac, Wii™ and iPhone, announced today a new three-year deal with the LEGO Group, in which the company will standardize on Unity authored content for 3D content on

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of play materials for children, the LEGO Group recognizes the need to offer an innovative online environment for consumers to share their passion and creative flair. To do this, the LEGO Group is developing its web strategy to deliver an online consumer experience to match and enhance the real world fun and invention of LEGO products.

The LEGO Group identified Unity as the best 3D platform available to fulfill its short-term and long-term requirements.

“We’ve invested a great deal of time evaluating technology for the next phase of,” said Claus Toftegaard Matthiesen, Technology Manager of the LEGO Group. “We believe that Unity’s flexibility, strength and power will give us scope to create world leading content for our consumers and are looking forward to the cooperation.”

You can read the full press release here.

I personally find this exciting for a number of reasons. Of course it starts out by being a great business deal for Unity Technologies, so let’s get that one out of the way. But worth noting is that it will also serve all of us very well by helping push vast numbers of web player installs due to the high traffic numbers they experience on their website, that’s great for everyone using or adopting Unity for web based content. Finally, it’s also interesting as it’s yet another bit of validation that not only is our technology up to the task of delivering the best in-browser game content possible, but that it’s worth doing so for a mass-market site targeting users of a younger age.

All around this is a good deal and it’s news that I just couldn’t help sharing. Kudos to everyone that was involved in securing this deal, both on the business development front as well as our hard working engineers, for without them none of this would be possible!

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[…] Don’t know how this escaped my attention, but my old buddy Tom Higgins of Unity (ex Macromedia Director ambassador) posted that Unity Tech signs a three-year deal with LEGO!. […]

@Benoit: they do have some developers on contract and at the ready, but depending on content load they may end up hiring on more. FWIW, Three Melons led the way with The Quest for R2-D2!

So will Lego be hiring Unity experts, or do they already have that in stock?
(… “in stock”… I’m now picturing buckets of Lego blocks labelled “Instant-Programmer: assemble your own in under 2 minutes!”)

it’s enough to know that you are doing well. it means a better engine. thank you again guys for providing such a great tool.

@Aaron: thanks.

@Ashkan: we’re not going to publicly post our sales/revenue numbers but suffice it to say we’re doing quite well. :)

@zeroZshadow: me too. I keep wondering when we’re going to get huge tubs of LEGOs for each office!

congratulation :) :)
it means a better engine in the future because you spend all of the money that you get in engine development. as Tom said web player will be installed on many more machines and it’s a good news for all of us.
a tricky question: i think the user base is now more than 70000 but how about sails? does it go well or just you should wait for that?

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