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Unity iPhone can now build for Apple iPad! We’re still in beta testing but rest assured that we’re working as hard to make this release available as soon as possible.

Update: Unity iPhone 1.7 featuring iPad support is available for download!

Need evidence?

Unity iPhone demo from GDC on iPad Unity iPhone demo from GDC on iPad

Unity iPhone demo from GDC on iPadUnity iPhone demo from GDC on iPad

That’s our iPhone Demo from GDC running in the iPad simulator, here’s how the conversion process works :

  1. Import the project with the forthcoming version of Unity iPhone
  2. Select iPad as the target in the build settings
  3. Hit build button
  4. Enjoy ;-)

The process was simple since the project was initially designed as resolution independent. How would your game behave on a larger device? Answering that question will help you determine how much work will be required to make your iPhone game iPad ready. So while we don’t have a solid date to share just yet, there’s nothing stopping you from beginning the process of making your app iPad ready.

I’m sure you have many questions and while we might not be able to answer them just yet, we’ll be getting more information out as soon as we can — I promise!

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  1. I truly appreciate your hardness to work on in this game. Its very interesting game, I can’t wait to share this to all my friends who love to play iPad games. Meanwhile I want also to share this educational games that best for kids. Just try to download it. Very interesting game. Now available at the apps store or you can direct to download it here.

  2. Can you publish this demo source to download on resources section to learn about it? thanks

  3. Is the iPad apple store the only way we can make our iPad apps available to the public for sale? Can we sell directly to the public and have them install with Apple?

  4. Hello there,
    I would like to know if the iPad update will bring shaders to table?
    Real-time pixel lights and real-time shadows?

  5. Can we make iPad+iPhone universal apps? :)

  6. Will this be available before the 27th?

  7. Hoping for support asap, so we don’t get buried in the huge amount of apps in the App Store! Working on a game which we plan to release on the iPad in Unity now, shooting to get it out the earliest we possibly can.

  8. @ randyedmonds: Yes, potentially next Unity iPhone release will support Simulator for both iPad and iPhone. We chose to support Simulator because many developers will probably lack an access to actual iPad early on.

  9. randyedmonds

    3月 23, 2010 8:43 am

    So Unity iPhone (for iPad) will run in the iPad Simulator?

  10. Outstanding! Can’t wait….

  11. Fantastic! I don’t have an iPad yet, though…

  12. Good news ;8)