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Hey guys! Take a look at this one – a new tutorial to showcase the new multiplayer  options in Unity iPhone & iPad.

iPad StarTrooper

It’s a demo that we created for the iPhone/iPod with Unity iPhone 1.6, but it magically just works on the iPad as well. We call it Unity magic =)

The steps to make this happen are simple:

  1. Download the Multiplayer Star Trooper project.
  2. Enjoy it on some weird configurations, like two Macs and three iPads connected simultaneously.
  3. Stay inspired, imagine a concept of your new multiplayer game.
  4. Download our step-by-step multiplayer tutorial.
  5. Follow the tutorial, make a perfect game, check the win.

Some would say that networking cannot be easy or that connecting devices via cellular networks is an epic pain, and those people would be completely right. Nevertheless, we have put all our experience into the multiplayer tutorial in order for you to get booted up quickly.

iPad StarTrooper Screenshot

Can you see the screenshot of StarTrooper Multiplayer on iPad? The next step is for you to share the screenshot of your multiplayer game made cool and multiplayer with Unity. We’ve made that multiplayer networking tutorial for you to be able to do just that. ;-)

Unity iPhone Team

22 replies on “iPhone Multiplayer Tutorial”

I wonder can an iPhone host a multiplayer game like this, or are there limitations with their data network that prevent hosting. I’m actually developing a turn-based iphone game so the load should be light. I only have an iPod touch so am unable to test it.

There is a bug in the example code at page 8.
Wrong = var SpaceCraft : Transform;
Correct = var Player : Transform;

The ZIP download is correct.

You are losing business unity guys… let us know what is the status please. Update it every day if possible.

awesome! Does anyone knows if I buy unity’s iphone license, have any way to be refund if apple deny Unity in update 4.0? Because right now I’m just waiting the decision from apple to buy the unity’s license :(((

Yo moma said I was wonderful, and she was complaining what a annoying little fanboy you are.

As always your work is more than great. But to really enjoy it we need an update on the 4.0 issue.
Please let us know what happened so far between Unity and Apple.
All the best, Superwaugi

Tino – Your a douche.

Apple has record profits, record sales, and people still flocking to the iPhone and now iPad. And surprisingly they don’t want your business advice? Weird.

Technically mediocre platform huh? Who had this kind of success before Apple and it’s mediocre platform? Unity will be fine, even with jackasses like you ranting and raving out your a$$.

Thing with apple is always confusing, paranoidly protecting their platform almost drove them out of business in the 90’s and I will never forgive microsoft from bailing them out.
Now they are doing it again with iphone, but this time google is here, and (I hope) they will drive them both out of business.
Only reason why technically mediocre platform had such success is number of great apps. By scaring developers away, apple is doing us great favour.
I wish apple fast and painful death and I hope future developers of great apps wont be afraid what next version of terms of services is bringing.
Unity will survive any kind of bull*** from apple and developing with them will always be joyous and great experience(for any kind of platform).


Time and sacrifices (beyond what most indies will already have made) isn’t really a viable option. With the best of intentions no-one is going to wait six months to a year for any company to get an alternate solution up and running. They can easily have written their game in objective-c in that time frame.

I cannot imagine that there would be NO solution. I can imagine that it might take some time and maybe some sacrifices.

Why do people think Apple’s censorship is okay?

I was about to buy an iPad until the OS 4.0 event. I’ve decided to wait and get Google’s Android pad instead.

I may change my mind if Apple changes its policy on software distribution, but I seriously doubt that will ever happen.

Thank You Unity iPhone Team !!!
Oleg you make my Day…. these pdf clears up everything very good

This looks very interesting. Now all we need to know is what the outcome of the meeting between Apple and Unity was or is that still to happen?

I can see what you mean Charly, but think of it another way – its an excellent example of what Unity can add to the iPad platform – and proves that Apples view on what makes a quality app is flawed.

Wait a second. Does this means the Apple – Unity problem is solved? why you show us this now if you don’t even know if Unity iPhone will be available anymore? there are lots of people who where about to buy Unity and they have chosen not to because of what happened.

This is pretty cool. The iPad/iPhone Scrabble game just go me thinking about what kind of hurdles might be in store for doing a multi-player, multi-device game like that. I can’t wait to dig in and see what you’ve done.
Thanks for doing the leg work!

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