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Hello Unity Community. This is my first blog post and I’m happy to be sharing some very exciting news. I joined Unity almost two months ago to assist with commercial and institutional licensing. In my short time here, Unity has maintained a whirlwind pace of product announcements, resource partnerships, tech demos and conference appearances. It has certainly been an exhilarating start to a new job.

Prior to joining Unity I spent a number of years working with colleges setting up game design and game programming courses around the world. In 2005 there were only 30 schools that offered any sort of accredited game development courses. Fast-forward to 2010 and hundreds of higher education institutions are now offering, not just courses, but full-fledged degrees in 3D simulation and electronic game production. During this time, Unity has rapidly become the most popular game engine in use at these schools. Every month dozens of professors and program directors contact us asking for more information about adopting Unity Pro and Unity iPhone.

Unity is also firmly committed to supporting the Google Android platform. We strongly feel that competition in the mobile handset and tablet PC markets will create lucrative opportunities for mobile developers. Last week we announced a huge opportunity for Unity developers who want to expand their business to Android: we are giving away 500 Nexus One Android phones (details available here.) However, in our eagerness to kick start Unity Android game production, we do not want to skip over the important role schools play in shaping the next generation of application designers. That is why I am pleased to announce that today Unity is opening an RFP (Request For Proposal) to select up to three schools whose programs will each be awarded 20 copies of Unity Android Pro, Unity Pro and 20 Nexus One Phones.

The full details of the RFP can be accessed here. For additional questions please post comments in the space below or contact us directly at .


We will try to ship phones to most places. Although accredited colleges and universities worldwide are eligible, Unity Technologies can only ship phones to addresses in the US, Canada, EU / EEA states, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. If Unity Technologies cannot ship a phone(s) to a school because of taxes, embargoes, FCC restrictions, customs duties and / or fees levied by the destination country or any other reason, Unity Technologies may still grant the software portion of the award. Unity Technologies reserves the right at all times to cancel or alter to the award criteria and reclaim any awarded materials

All participating schools agree that this promotion shall be governed by the laws of the state of Denmark.

12 replies on “RFP: Unity to Award 60 Android Smart Phones to Schools”

It is a good prize to motivate the students to do better in improving the technology especially the mobile technology. Android is a very good gadget and it is worth the effort to get it. I am thrilled to know who will be the lucky student to get it and I will surely salute him or her for doing a job well done. Good luck!

To go along with @Leo… I know it says “accredited colleges and universities worldwide are eligible” — does that mean I cannot submit a proposal because I am a high school tech center?

I agree with you about Unity in K-12. For instance, Unity only provides educational discounts for their “pro” versions of software. So, when Unity comes out with the basic Android (or if you wanted to purchase iPhone basic), schools have to pay full $300/ea… Unity does not provide discounts for schools for the Basic versions. If you want the PRO versions — those will cost you AT LEAST $540 per license up to $1,500 (quote I was given for Unity Pro & Unity iPhone Pro) — so, for Unity Pro, iPhone Pro and Android Pro — it’ll be $810 per seat at the cheapest!!!

So, I think what I am going to do is get the free version for all of the machines, and buy one iPhone Basic and one Android Basic for kids to rotate through. I don’t know of another economical/logical way.


I think this is great news. I’m curious to see if Unity is willing to work with the k-12 community. I’ve been told by Unity that they don’t have the capacity to network with these institutions. I think this is a tragic missed opportunity.

Unity can and will work within this environment. Are there colleges or universities willing to network with k-12 institutions to allow students to get access to the dynamic resources Unity has to offer? If so, please forward details to this forum. In addition, Please forward any suggestions for those who work in the k-12 arena interesting in supporting game development.

There is a growing community developing in the last 2 years.

Thanks Dallon. Well… It’s so hot in Germany these days.. That MUST be the reason for overlooking this part in his post: “For additional questions please post comments in the space below or contact me directly at daveyj[at]” ;)

Great to hear about that. I would love to get in contact with you regarding “institutional licensing”, but I can’t find an e-mail address and “davey@unity3d” doesn’t work. If you could send me a short hello message to I would be really happy ;) Thanks!

it will happen. take a look at charts. iphone will be the looser soon. android and even windows phone will be better choices.

Glad to see you’re supporting the Android platform. Too often I see it ignored or treated as an afterthought simply because it is not called an iPhone. Even if Android never overtakes the iPhone in market share or usage, it will be a success because it has pressured Apple to improve their product.

Way to go! The more people familiarizing with Unity the better for the all of us!

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